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1 All hosts in the instance must use the same type of interconnect.
2 For instance, it specifies how mobile phones, computers and PDAs interconnect with each other, with computers, and with office or home phones.
3 All organizations face integration problems of some sort; perhaps because of a corporate merger, a new business alliance, or just the need to interconnect existing systems.
4 The disks used to store the data must be connected by a private interconnect (serial cable) or LAN to the servers that make up the cluster.
5 The USB physical interconnect is a tiered star topology, with up to seven tiers.
6 Apple's iPod and Nike's running shoes can interconnect so that the music player can select songs that match the jogger's pace.
7 Each pod has its own processors and memory, and is connected to the larger system through a cache-coherent interconnect bus.
8 main function is to find a connect path for new arriving unicast and multicast cells in the parallel Multistage Interconnect Network (MIN) of the ATM switch.
9 Use of gateways to interconnect various devices (therefore suitable for PvC computing).
10 For example, no business-level process or service view can be obtained if the primary concern is how low-level building blocks, representing technical devices, interconnect at a macro-level.
11 On a single integrated circuit, multiple chips, Shared memory, and an interconnect form a tightly integrated core for multiprocessing (see Figure 4).
12 Note the use of the high-speed communications interconnect, which could be a TCPIP network that is used between the individual machines.
13 broader the spectrum of protocols an ESB leverages the broader the spectrum of requesters and providers the ESB can interconnect.
14 However, here we can define the Service Integration BUS (simply BUS later) as a logical cloud, that provides the mechanisms to interconnect a consumers with a providers. This logical cloud contains.
15 By choosing Axis, it becomes much easier to process messages and interconnect active objects using messages.
16 WebSphere ESB can interconnect a variety of different service requesters and providers using the mediation flow component.
17 Mercury's serial RapidIO IP core provides customers with proven, deployed interconnect technology that enables high performance and flexibility for a variety of communication applications.
18 Linux Beowulf clusters can be built from commodity hardware and a typical networking interconnect such as Ethernet.
19 bus structure of the system: which devices connect to which bus and which buses are interconnected (for instance, a USB - PCI interconnect)?
20 These are constructed from multiple standalone systems connected by a high-speed interconnect (such as 10g Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or Infiniband).
21 According to computer scientists, the interconnect is one of the most difficult pieces to build.
22 The fact that they built their own interconnect really shows a commitment to taking on a part of the technology for which there is no dominant leader," Leiserson said.
23 interconnect has significantly higher bandwidth and lower latency than previous interconnects, such as the Infiniband interconnect that is standard on many other supercomputers.
24 Ping-Pong (interconnect microsec and MBps)
25 An SCA composite contains a set of components, services, references, and the wires that interconnect them.
26 I'll explain what happens in each phase and how the phases interconnect, then use an example application to demonstrate the lifecycle in action.
27 A SCA module contains a set of components, external services, entry points, and the wires that interconnect them.
28 organizations also agreed to interconnect the services where applicable with other interagency initiatives.
29 The HSB that I'll demonstrate can interconnect healthcare applications that use the WSDL, SOAP, and HL7 standards.
30 Allow other HSBs to interconnect with it.