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intellectuals in a sentence

31. Some intellectuals supported the Zapatistas.

32. They included peasant farmers and intellectuals;

33. Yet not all of the monks were intellectuals.

34. Kosovo's intellectuals also opposed the changes;

35. The book was influential among intellectuals.

36. Intellectuals frequented the house regularly.

37. It mainly comprised intellectuals in Bangkok.

38. Both of Unger's parents were intellectuals.

39. Peter did meet with other notable intellectuals.

40. intellectuals across spectrum of India &

41. GEC was primarily based amongst intellectuals.

42. Intellectuals aside, few objections were raised.

43. The proportion of Jewish intellectuals was high.

44. Huygens was teased by other Dutch intellectuals.

45. Some intellectuals supported the Zapatistas.

46. Intellectuals were provoked by this affair.

47. NDFLOAG was supported by urban intellectuals.

48. Miss Malini was well received by intellectuals;

49. Scammed him, as our intellectuals like to say.

50. A Study in the Sociology of Intellectuals.

51. The party also gathered a few intellectuals.

52. Pessoa comes from a family of intellectuals.

53. Marur is well known for its intellectuals.

54. Member of the Club of Catholic Intellectuals.

55. Intellectuals discuss creating a hip-hop minor.

56. The readers were mostly intellectuals

57. New York Jewish Writers and Intellectuals;

58. Both ware famous intellectuals of their time.

59. His parents were artists and intellectuals.

60. It was considered a paper for intellectuals.