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No. sentence
1 Many intellectuals and arts like folding fan, and they treat them as gifts to send to their friends.
2 Without the participation of intellectuals, the realization of the four modernizations is impossible.
3 She had become the darling of the theater's intellectuals. ("My only regret," wagged one of them, "is that I have but one library to give to Marilyn Monroe.")
4 Public intellectuals such as Kenneth Galbraith argued that the age of the entrepreneur had given way to the age of the giant corporation.
5 Usually we think of this kind of thing being used by middle-class youths and intellectuals,” Professor Yang said.
6 say that I see no alternative to Silvio Berlusconi,” declared Gabriele Muccino, a film director and one of several intellectuals and artists who have recently voiced similar opinions.
7 Senegal has thinkers and intellectuals of international standing; some have left the country and are teaching in some of the top universities in the West.
8 the other hand, we cannot suppose that the only thing standing between us and an intellectual's paradise is a lack of will power or a dearth of public grants.
9 view on the intellectuals and his postcolonial theory inter-depend and complement each other.
10 Nigerian writers and intellectuals, he says, had entered into a "new and terrifying phase", in that independence seemed "without substance.
11 He might add to his reading list books on the Spanish Civil War, even George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia, in which he may discover that intellectuals fought with their lives against appeasement.
12 But his moment of glory came in August 1980 when, in his Volvo, he drove to Gdansk to deliver the Warsaw intellectuals' message of support to the striking workers at the Lenin shipyard.
13 Dostoevsky turned his back on liberal ideas when, in jail, he learned that the common people viewed the intellectuals with as much abhorrence as they did the ruling class.
14 some progressive intellectuals distributed handbills to introduce May 1st Labor Day in Shanghai, Suzhou and some other places.
15 His closest friends in South Africa were Jewish intellectuals from England and Germany.
16 Nationalist intellectuals use the language of the 1930s to rail against foreign capital and "cosmopolitan" influences.
17 Intellectuals should be esteemed.
18 But the situation is getting worse - and only a few intellectuals seem to care.
19 That may be a claim too far-there are, after all, plenty of books on how individual artists and intellectuals survived the occupation.
20 The line between information and entertainment has never been as sharp as some intellectuals imagine, and it is becoming increasingly blurred.
21 Intellectuals and bureaucrats might pose as champions of the people against the powerful. But in reality they were empire builders who were motivated by a noxious mixture of envy and greed.
22 Intellectuals do not understand the genius of the market.
23 Some politicians and public intellectuals have even proposed greater subsidies to newspapers in order to slow down their decline.
24 We should have curiosity in our minds for innovation and discovery, but not be like some "intellectuals" who often say "it's just like..." or "I've known it".
25 Let's be very clear about this: European freedoms are not restricted to the business community, the powerful and the intellectuals of this world.
26 They make excellent teachers and get along easily with American intellectuals.
27 who these intellectuals are does not much interest Sowell.
28 Still, many Western intellectuals, recoiling from the excesses of McCarthyism, and hampered by lack of firsthand information, gave the benefit of the doubt to Mao in the decade that followed.
29 She picked fights with “frightened zombies”, as she called her fellow intellectuals, and yet was mortally offended when anybody dared to criticise her writing.
30 Think of it as fake news for numerically literate intellectuals: it is the abuse of statistics and economic models to peddle one's own political prejudice.