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1 Many institutions that most of us regard as the foundation stones of capitalism were not introduced until the mid-19th century, because they had been seen as undermining capitalism.
2 Third, the flow of resources through financial institutions is an irresistible source of government patronage. An important exemplar was the effort to promote home ownership among the insolvent.
3 If big institutions believe this threat is real, then they must take the FDIC's authority seriously and accept a reasonable offer for acquisition.
4 scale of the Venice Biennale means that artists, cultural institutions and individual countries all vie, not just for attention, but for international recognition.
5 Foreign institutions, which used to account for about 40% of company lending, have mostly gone home; domestic players have merged; and the market is dominated by four big Banks.
6 Independent institutions are needed to make the system work. Most would prefer the unelected European Commission over an intergovernmental body dominated by Merkozy.
7 financial institutions entrusted to grant loans, the entrusted financial institutions shall be the withholding agents.
8 So many essential institutions depend on the ability of citizens to think for themselves, to resist the latest trend or bubble.
9 This trade is a product of the way Chinese universities and research institutions use rates of publication as a measure of performance and eligibility for promotion or graduation, wrote Shen.
10 he argued, would not be in the interest of the assisted institutions, the economy or the companies' Stockholders (including US taxpayers).
11 So for instance, institutions like mental institutions and some prisons have installed token economies where there's rewards for good behavior, often poker chips of a sort.
12 Fed has so far focused on stabilizing the financial system through guarantees on the assets held by and loans to troubled financial institutions.
13 Legal institutions and the cable TV culture dampen enthusiasm by punishing failure so remorselessly.
14 If there is any good to come out of these crises, it is that we have an unprecedented opportunity to reshape the rules and institutions that guide the international economy.
15 Party and government institutions should remain honest and clean.
16 They were betrayed, ironically, by the professionalism of the institutions intended to protect them.
17 It is in fact one of the only institutions that I believe truly seeks to have the "cream" rise to the top, independent of reputation or stature.
18 The court is one of the few institutions in which people have to do some elite thinking.
19 After he killed all those who might have harmed him because they were unhappy with the situation, he strengthened his power by instituting new civil and military institutions.
20 We must be honest enough to acknowledge that institutions and individuals rarely surrender their own power.
21 Although there remains a mountain of research from multiple institutions about the reality of climate change, the public has grown uneasy.
22 In Tucuman, Argentina, local government and nongovernmental organizations are working together to get all relevant institutions to sign an agreement to do more for road safety.
23 The first is that stable societies - that is, where cheats can be found and punished, if only by a refusal to do business with them in future - are a precondition for successful institutions.
24 All the leading government institutions are quartered here.
25 Management systems will be established in accordance with the basic attribution of various financial enterprises, and all financial institutions should operate independently according to law.
26 main motivation for librarians to assert their professional status is so that they can lay claim to higher-paid “ALA Accredited Degree or Equivalent” positions in library institutions.
27 With faster Internet connections and accredited institutions embracing online education, a lot has changed since then.
28 Individual institutions that want companies to change policy have to spend time and money in negotiations that may not be justified by the potential gains.
29 According to the public relations company Edelman's annual survey of trusted institutions, "people like me" are considered the most reliable, ranked above traditional media and other sources.
30 banks, in turn, then can loan out these fresh funds to other banks and financial institutions.