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No. sentence
1 What an inspiration she was to all around her!
2 Chris was an inspiration to me personally and to so many of his friends and colleagues. He will be sorely missed.
3 This week with the spirit of these wonderful holidays all around you find inspiration.
4 As long as you can see a spark of miracle in that person, this person can be your biggest inspiration and your teacher.
5 It reaches deep inside of us and plays on our imagination, wishes and inspiration.
6 Saunders: Do you at all resent the fact that he, if you like, milked you for all the artistic inspiration and then moved on, having created this lovely thing from you?
7 But then I realized that I like to read these magazines for the inspiration, not the information.
8 Some sacred inspiration perhaps had come to him.
9 His passion for his work and his courage in fighting his cancer were an inspiration to us all.
10 Some, we know, will convey wartime loss and suffering, others will speak of daring and inspiration."
11 new inspiration brought more taut and tailored clothes but above all the drapes, which ended in folds like a horn of plenty at short skirt hems.
12 Many poets and artists have drawn their inspiration from nature.
13 The collective intelligence of an ant colony can serve as inspiration to help us solve complex human problems.
14 Why you should do it: you need inspiration at school or in the workplace, right?
15 What was your inspiration?
16 Who is your inspiration?
17 So, all I have to do is look at how my kids randomly arrange their bedrooms... there has to be loads of inspiration there.
18 You know, my inspiration is that I wait and see what the pumpkin has to offer, and I just sort of bring it out.
19 If you're looking for some inspiration for your next corporate design, then this is the place to be.
20 I find inspiration in people around me.
21 He is an inspiration for anyone who wants to see the world.
22 I tend to look through these notes when I need inspiration or just to refresh my memory.
23 Where do you find support, inspiration and other raw friends?
24 Once he aligns his activities with his goals and desires, time becomes less of an issue because he will be accomplishing things through inspiration.
25 Inspiration is doing what you do knowing that's it's a positive choice and means something to you.
26 Sure, you still might be apprehensive about following your dreams after this call, but at least you'll have the inspiration to take action anyway.
27 As a side benefit, it gave me the inspiration for this project.
28 Gucci: It deserves.That film can give us a lot of inspiration.
29 It will not offer you the true inspiration, the peace and quiet in your emotional body that help you embody your light on earth.
30 All I hope for are these little steps and little seeds of inspiration!