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1 I refused, and when he insisted I told him to go to bell. I tossed his clubs into the water, told him to get his ball and clubs himself, and ran off the course.
2 His shadow chancellor, George Osborne, insisted on February 2nd that some measures would start to take effect this year if the Tories win and he takes over from Alistair Darling.
3 He insisted, however, that it would be able to compete with the American cola brands, even with their enormous advertising budgets.
4 If all our participants insisted on thinking positively when it came to what lay in store for them personally, what does that tell us about how our brains are wired?
5 Earlier the board had insisted that Cadbury was better off alone. Now Cadbury will become part of the "global powerhouse" that Ms Rosenfeld envisages.
6 of society then insisted on eating white, as brown or wholemeal bread was a sign of poverty.
7 We stopped at a very basic roadside cafe for lunch, for which they insisted on paying.
8 He insisted that when foreign dignitaries visited the Berghof she stay in her room upstairs, and even when the couple visited Rome in 1938 they stayed in different hotels.
9 My fellow mothers, women who once swore they would never be dependent on a man, smiled indulgently at daughters who warbled "So This is Love" or insisted on being addressed as Snow White.
10 In fact, the only person to admit to being near the beating was Conley. He told everyone he was right there. But like the others, he insisted he hadn't seen a thing.
11 But all of you insisted on an inclusive process driven by Member States.
12 Until now, in the hope that Russia would cave in, Western diplomats have insisted that there is no Plan B. Now they are falling back on a Plan C, for contingency.
13 He also insisted on paying for the beer.
14 He insisted on paying.
15 Cops say the first teller he tried to rob fainted and the next two insisted they had no cash in their drawers.
16 While secretary of Labour, for instance, she insisted on sitting with the wives of cabinet ministers at official dinners.
17 His wife insisted on throwing it all out, even though I told them it was harmless," he recalled.
18 Not only that, he insisted that his managers work in English.
19 It is the perfect design for the biography ofa man who insisted that even the innards of his products be exquisitelycrafted, and that his factory walls gleam in the whitest white.
20 Learning that I was going back to Normandy to accept a medal in Dad's honor, she insisted I try to find Gilbert: "The French don't move around as Americans do."
21 In Germany, the red Bull spokesman insisted that his company's product, along with others containing the coca leaf extract are considered safe in Europe and the U.S..
22 He insisted on burial, where his body-becoming what he had once been most disgusted and afraid of-might go on being useful and productive, inside the earth.
23 At a meeting of the Mekong River Commission in the Lao capital, Vientiane, Laos insisted the Xayaburi dam go ahead, saying it will be up to international standards.
24 Their main wedding cake was a show-stopping multitiered fruit cake with dozens of handcrafted sugar flowers, but Prince William also insisted on another cake made of chocolate biscuits.
25 However they insisted that a legally-binding treaty will be thrashed out by the end of 2010 and even suggested a timetable and deadline to ensure negotiations stay on track.
26 When the fraud was unveiled in 1926, Kammerer was humiliated. He insisted that he had not injected ink into the toads and suggested that one of his lab assistants might have done it.
27 He insisted on the highest product quality and on building things to delight and empower actual users, not intermediaries like corporate it directors or wireless carriers.
28 Mr. Letterblair, who lunched on a sandwich and tea, dined deliberately and deeply, and insisted on his guest's doing the same.
29 It is unclear whether the local companies repaid the loans, said the consultant, who insisted on anonymity out of fear that he would lose business.
30 He insisted on having the agreement down in black and white.