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infuriating in a sentence

1. The film is infuriating, and will win no prizes.

2. They chose Bowie, infuriating Travis.

3. Masamune still delayed, infuriating Hideyoshi.

4. Stabler checks Tutuola's phones, infuriating him.

5. She is not prosecuted, infuriating Kiefer's father, Warren.

6. The pictures are later posted, infuriating Steph.

7. [...] The ending of the movie was especially infuriating."

8. Ava ends up getting sole custody, infuriating Sonny.

9. On the stand, the woman begins to cry, infuriating Prince.

10. It was very infuriating;

11. Tough, impatient, decisive, magnetic and infuriating.

12. It's terrible. ... It's infuriating."

13. Lotte kills Eva with her cross necklace, infuriating Carmilla.

14. Jessica confesses Megan's murder, infuriating Maggie and Mrs.

15. It was infuriating.

16. Ao Bing is killed by Nezha, infuriating Ao Guang.

17. "He was infuriating," recalls his son.

18. he writes to her through his magazine, infuriating her.

19. It touts forgiveness while being mildly infuriating.

20. You'll find it absolutely infuriating or totally addictive.

21. A joke meant for Charles backfires, further infuriating her.

22. Lo laughs at this, infuriating Justin.

23. Some days it was just infuriating.

24. Siva retaliates, infuriating Bhavani.

25. Delilah chooses her, infuriating Zoe.

26. it's nothing short of infuriating."

27. The next day, Tricia befriends Riley, infuriating Kyla.

28. Glootie and Jerry's app goes online, infuriating Morty.

29. He was a funny, smart, infuriating, unique guy.

30. Not surprisingly, many Americans find the EU infuriating.