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1 One informal test that some doctors use to check for COPD progression is to have you breathe while raising your arms over your head.
2 Group chat is slightly less common a need than IM, and is less useful for informal access in your daily workflows. But for certain use cases, only group chat will do.
3 The first models are drawn on the whiteboard (or on a sheet of paper) and tend to be informal.
4 Note that, for any of the applications we have discussed, you can reduce expectation management to a quick, informal analysis if appropriate.
5 As the Irish case shows, the most insidious links between church and state are often informal ones, which can leave priests and bishops virtually exempt from scrutiny.
6 Simple furniture pieces and delicate lighting fixtures fits the interior of the bar (by Ana Bahia), giving it a casual and informal feel.
7 Being interrogated, for example, is an anxiety-causing experience for many people, even in relatively informal situations.
8 In an informal poll of my friends and colleagues, I discovered that no one remembered the mascot of the 1988 games.
9 They regularized their informal marriage by registering with the district government.
10 Persuasion - convincing someone of something - is an essential part of almost everything we do, from informal discussions to formal negotiations.
11 The chief coping mechanisms are the informal markets and trading networks that sprang up to cope with the famine and the breakdown of the state food-distribution system.
12 If they should be around the table, invite them and, jointly, determine the best way forward, whether your connection with them is formal or informal.
13 At a last informal meeting in Copenhagen before the summit begins, environment ministers from more than 40 countries are currently discussing what can be salvaged from the talks.
14 As before, our methods were informal: we canvassed opinion among older economics professors, including our earlier stars.
15 is best to treat groups encountered on the road as informal; photograph them how you find them.
16 Am I going for an interview or an informal chat?
17 An increase in non-formal and informal learning can be expected to enhance the demand for assessment and recognition of competences gained outside formal learning settings.
18 This is also probably the first time that your supervisor has seen the formal expression of concepts that may have been approved previously in an informal manner.
19 Even so, Hamas was frustrated in its efforts to quell the protests, which were generated more by an informal network of like-minded people than by a movement with a leader.
20 BOF is an informal meeting between developers and users with no outline in which anyone can ask any question they are interested in.
21 Within the informal work method of RUP, this is often unnecessary.
22 Bob Mosher wrote, "the Power of Informal Learning," in the July 2004 Chief Learning Officer Magazine.
23 This can be done through informal conversations or by asking employees to fill out an anonymous questionnaire.
24 Lord Moonie said he had an "informal conversation" about advising the lobbyists, but had not signed any contract.
25 Another possible use of an Architecture Overview Model is to capture informal diagrams of various aspects of your solution, such as the high-concept diagram of an auction system in Figure 5.
26 Each week they drag young, bloodied men away from the drug traffickers and into their churches, and mediate informal truces between warring factions.
27 Initially this COE can be perceived as an informal body comprised of experienced and knowledgeable personnel from the business and technology groups of the organization.
28 We have a Trilateral Strategic Dialogue with Japan and Australia, with Japan and South Korea, and we have informal arrangements guiding cooperation in the Straits of Malacca.
29 Sharbat Gula was one of the students in an informal school within the refugee camp; McCurry, rarely given the opportunity to photograph Afghan women, seized the opportunity and captured her image.
30 In rural AP, 82% of households have such informal loans, whereas only 11% have loans from MFIs.