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influential in a sentence

31. It remains influential to this day.

32. it was influential and widely read.

33. it remains influential to this day.

34. He was an influential Freemason;

35. and many more influential people.

36. That’s been super influential.

37. Each has been highly influential;

38. The text was widely influential;

39. His fielding remained influential.

40. The work proved to be influential.

41. Goodale, it remains influential.

42. Gracchus, an influential senator;

43. They remain influential, however;

44. He wrote many influential books.

45. Olier was an influential author.

46. An influential travelogue by Rev.

47. Albertanus was very influential;

48. and other influential guitarists.

49. Some influential publications are:

50. and several influential writers.

51. He is also an influential teacher.

52. This book was an influential one;

53. He was influential on Tobias Hess.

54. influential industrial families.

55. The work was hugely influential.

56. Wickenburg was very influential.

57. Weaver was an influential teacher.

58. most influential investors &

59. one of the most influential works;

60. Still it was an influential film.