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influential in a sentence

1. But Charlevoix was influential;

2. It proved influential in Oxford.

3. The paper was influential.

4. An influential local lady, Mrs.

5. It is a very influential story.

6. It remains very influential.

7. His work was influential.

8. He was very influential.

9. It became widely influential.

10. He had influential friends;

11. The group was influential.

12. The book was influential.

13. He was an influential teacher;

14. influential roads of New Delhi.

15. He had been an influential;

16. influential roles.

17. The book has been influential.

18. George was very influential;

19. merely as an influential rabbi.

20. He wrote an influential book.

21. Simi is vastly influential;

22. He was an influential khan.

23. She was influential with him;

24. We want to be influential."

25. Among the more influential are:

26. He was influential in Congress;

27. The book was influential.

28. The book was influential.

29. Only influential people &

30. Her family was influential;