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1 Ms Novogratz dismisses those such as Jeffrey Sachs, an influential economist, who think that the bottom billion are too poor to be treated as consumers, and should sometimes receive handouts instead.
2 Although this has been enormously influential over the centuries at least over the last century and a half: you have to ask yourself:? Is this the reading that Plato intended?
3 They were, with few exceptions, policies championed by small groups of influential people - in many cases, the same people now lecturing the rest of us on the need to get serious.
4 The 14-minute clip, in which Jackson turns into a zombie and dances with other undead types, is considered one of the most influential music videos ever made.
5 It may also explain why few Europeans appreciate quite how much movement up and down the income ladder there is, because much of it takes place off the radar screen of the politically influential.
6 Arab scholar and alchemist who wrote a number of influential books of alchemical theory, including Summa Perfectionis.
7 of my life by Helen Keller is the most influential book in my life.
8 But for one day at least, Egypt, the most populous and influential Arab country, did look as if it had been hit by a Tunisia-tinted political tidal wave.
9 Whether you believe the experiment shows what it purports to or not, there is no doubting that Milgram's work was some of the most influential and impressive carried out in psychology.
10 Strong support for his party on Tuesday would mean he would be influential in the new coalition that forms.
11 Nevertheless, more respondents now see Brazil as the most influential country in the region, ahead of the United States and Venezuela.
12 He published the first version of his theory three years ago in an influential book, "Understanding Terror Networks".
13 The study tracked more than 300, 000 people over seven years and concluded that having a good support network is as influential a factor in your long-term health as whether or not you're a smoker.
14 Warhol is probably the most influential postwar artist. During the boom his work accounted for some of the highest prices and largest turnovers.
15 The influential Qatar-based television channel, al Jazeera, reported that a member of the Tlass family, a Sunni clan that has been close to the President, had defected.
16 popular and influential that in 1938, Goodman and his orchestra were invited to play the first nonclassical concert at Carnegie Hall.
17 Or as Tony Tan, deputy chairman of the GIC, explains: "the whole idea of the endowment model has been very influential [before]."
18 The influential factors of cost were analyzed based on the analysis of cost structure of electric power business, and the proposal and countermeasure of cost reduction were put forward.
19 They then looked at how often those studies were cited by other scientists, which is a measure of how influential the work becomes.
20 Victoria Beckham may be Posh and Cheryl Cole the hottest ticket in showbiz but JK Rowling is our most influential woman.
21 His big break came during the Olympic Games, when he stood up in the temple of Zeus and declaimed his "Histories" to the wealthy, influential crowd.
22 Office blocks modeled on termite nests and buildings that can resist climate change have been the focus at a conference by some of Australia's most influential designers in Melbourne.
23 This highly reductionist view of history has been enormously influential, but in her classic The God of the Machine, Isabel Paterson asks a devastating question: what gives you the steam-mill?
24 Two sets of tea bags represent a range of renowned people; from influential politicians like Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy to members of the British royal family.
25 Some of the City's biggest and most influential shareholders are also part of the problem – their bosses are among those raking in multimillion-pound salaries.
26 Influential Arab leaders, including Syria's President, Bashar Assad, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the wealthy emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad al-Khalifa, flew in to calm nerves.
27 The Pentagon's 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review welcomed "a more influential role in global affairs" for India, including in the Indian Ocean region.
28 Three decades after his induction into the world of cocoa, his competitors and acquaintances describe him as the most influential trader in the market.
29 The appointment of influential people with their own agendas, sometimes at loggerheads with the bank's, poses a large problem for the way its projects are administered.
30 Although the Fed occupies only one seat, it is the most influential participant.