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1 Because all women know that age is not just a number - it defines us, shapes us, influences what we do, how we do it, and whom we do it with.
2 The central premise of this book is that parents need to connect their children and themselves to influences beyond themselves if they are to parent most effectively.
3 In general, the mentor influences what he or she can in light of personal experience, passion, and the constraints of the workplace.
4 The results showed that earthworm had obvious influences on the number of soil microorganisms.
5 Much like New Orleans and Jamaica, Brazil is the product of a unique confluence of cultures, bringing together Portuguese, African and indigenous influences.
6 two single biggest influences on Sri Lankan music are from Buddhism and Portuguese colonizers.
7 It believes that geographical environment is the important factor which influences citys rise and fall.
8 But a new study finds that what really influences our opinions, more than listening to any expert, is our own beliefs.
9 We'll also discuss the massive importance of voice tone and how it influences the moods and emotions we want to convey.
10 Who you associate with influences your thoughts, actions and behaviour.
11 represents the influences of aluminum film thickness on blazed efficiencies of the ruling diffraction gratings and provides proper ranges of the thickness factors.
12 One of the most difficult to recover from and damaging influences is cheating.
13 That in turn influences how much land is planted to soyabeans, which for American farmers are interchangeable with maize.
14 Moreover, these are global influences, factors that affect all nations and all people.
15 Peer relationships and childrens social competence are related closely; the influences of the peer relationships on the development of childrens social competence are significant.
16 From vapor blanked stage to the nucleate boiling stage, there exists repeated moisture, which influences the conformity of the quench cooling process and quench hardness.
17 Photosynthesis directly influences the growth speed, and further affects the production period and merchandise quantity of the color-leafed plants.
18 The Influences of ti content on austenite gain size and grain coarsening temperature in medium-carbon boron steel have been investigated.
19 Influences of modification species and modification times on activity and selectivity of the catalyst were also investigated using toluene disproportionation as the probe reaction.
20 Many other environmental influences - from fatty school lunches to fast-food ads - are simply outside parents' control.
21 The research, conducted in 2007 and 2008, found that affectionate siblings have positive influences on each other no matter their age, gender, or how many years they are apart.
22 Together, the experiments showed that the mental effort of imagination is not what influences appetite.
23 This final study is especially interesting, as it demonstrates how the logic of open software "modulates" and influences another field - educational materials.
24 Hypertension and high cholesterol levels are both risk factors, but each condition has its own set of genetic risk factors, which interact with environmental influences such as stress and diet.
25 You can also use this divisor to see how an individual stock influences the average.
26 This fact influences the inspection's productivity since the meetings may be used only to present and consolidate the defects found.
27 Wilson doesn't acknowledge this because his view of relationship between history and literature is only that history influences literature, not that the influence can be reciprocal.
28 under the contract depreciates obviously, which influences the Lender's rights and interests. However, the Borrower fails to increase corresponding guaranty.
29 The weather influences crops.
30 This article makes a probe into the use and variation of the Buddhist vocabulary in the modern Chinese, its pur poses lies in understanding Buddhist influences on Chinese culture in language.