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No. sentence
1 For instance, some quite odd people have said, either in interviews or directly to me, that they were influenced by me.
2 Young people are quickly influenced by new ideas.
3 when they learn English phonetics, Zhaotong city students are often influenced by Chinese or local dialect phonetics and they often commit some phonetic errors.
4 London certainly has the bars and drinking culture but it is also a city that has influenced other cities and continues to punch above its weight in the arts.
5 In these cases, information-system usability is directly influenced by a user's ability to track along a search trail.
6 As I understand it, people are influenced by the people around them. That we act, like buffalo, in a herd.
7 They influenced the language, food, dance and dress of America.
8 What key events influenced the energy situation in 1979?
9 close proximity to the mountains in all areas in Switzerland has greatly influenced the leisure of Swiss people.
10 The tragic nature of Eugene O Neill splays is deeply influenced by the ancient Greek tragedy, the expressionism of Strindberg, and O Neill sown experience.
11 In this article, the authors pose the question of how food prices might have influenced birth and death rates.
12 The overall severity of a pandemic is further influenced by the tendency of pandemics to encircle the globe in at least two, sometimes three, waves," WHO said in a statement.
13 Partition the table space as evenly as possible, because the degree of parallelism is influenced by skews in the data.
14 Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.
15 The choice will be influenced by selection of business partners in the value chain, emerging standards and pragmatics of a solution.
16 Zeng Yehui, head of brand management at Gonow, says a state edict pushing consolidation in the car industry influenced the decision to merge.
17 more I listened about how this man had influenced those around him, the more discouraged I became.
18 Labour enthusiasm of the workers strongly influenced us.
19 anonymity of the vote is key... once we start exposing who voted on what we're gaming the system because we are inevitably influenced by others votes.
20 WHO agrees in principle that research should continue on the health effects of radiation and the research should not be influenced by industry.
21 Library's status as information Center has been shaked by the appearing of Internet, and now library information services have been influenced by Intelligent Search Engine once more.
22 The study found that how much we trust our intuition is influenced by what is physically happening in our bodies.
23 Later work on the halo effect suggested that it was highly influenced by first impressions.
24 We also know individual behavior can be influenced negatively or positively by the crowd's collective psychology.
25 From morning until sundown, a van drives through the neighborhood blaring warnings. “Don’t be influenced by other people who might cause you unnecessary loss, ” the loudspeaker says again and again.
26 Those atoms, the team explains this week in Geophysical Research Letters, are not electrically charged, so they can't be influenced by magnetic fields from the sun or Earth.
27 When you argue an opinion, explain what influenced you to adopt it.
28 What influenced you when you made your choice.
29 Of course, many people allow themselves to be influenced, and even manipulated, by others, but this is itself a choice to give away autonomy to some extent.
30 I believe - our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.