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1 What others think exercises a great influence on most of us.
2 The next day, after Al and I went for a jog in Little Rock, we flew to his hometown, Carthage, Tennessee, for a rally and a visit with his parents, both of whom had a large influence on him.
3 ocean changes can also influence volcanic eruptions, says David Pyle of the University of Oxford.
4 gradually slowing down and factors such as disruptions in the earth's core, extreme weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can all influence the precise length of the astronomical day.
5 Some observers expressed their concern that China would use the East Asia Summit to expand its influence in this region. Do you deem the concern reasonable?
6 You might think that to qualify as a thought leader you needed to have a thought (preferably a new one) and be able to influence other people with it.
7 National policies should not be determined by outside influence.
8 has gained influence in the Middle East by keeping cordial ties with Iran and standing up for the Palestinians.
9 He has long bestowed honours in exchange for donations to his good causes. The causes may benefit his beloved rural poor, but the patronage system perpetuates royal influence.
10 This map of topography and water depth reveals subduction’s influence on the landscape.
11 The eastern influence entered the west primarily through the great trading cities of Venice, Ravenna, and Marseilles and appeared in these cities first.
12 another, bigger, circle - the 'circle of concern' - containing things we have some interest in, but most of this is beyond our ability to influence.
13 The paper probed into the influence of geological factors on landslide development taking Zhaotong region of Yunnan province.
14 It exercised a strong influence towards goodwill between the two great English speaking peoples.
15 Climate is one big exception, and it does influence food, architecture and even clothing.
16 However, it tends to be explained as "the calming influence of marriage", which is not really an explanation at all. "Ambition fulfilled" is a better one.
17 typewriter/computer/notebook are, of course, just the instruments of the trade, but it's possible they have more influence on the eventual product than we think.
18 People under the influence of alcohol sometimes find themselves in dangerous or compromising situations where they would not be had they remained sober.
19 dishes traditionally served here are evidence of occupation by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and other European cultures, however, the Arabian influence seems to be the strongest.
20 Sports are still an important part of Greek life and, by giving us the Olympics, the Greeks have had a tremendous influence on world sports and sportsmanship.
21 After establishing their importance to the global atmospheric circulation, Simpson went on to demonstrate the influence of hot towers on hurricane intensification.
22 We take this work seriously and guard against the influence of any improper interests.
23 shows the heavy Central Asian and Iranian influence of the time, emphasized in the rug's Kufic border and patterning.
24 The Polish clergy use their influence to polonize the people.
25 The German chancellor may argue that she should have such influence over the bailouts of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, since it is her electorate who will end up having to shoulder most of the burden.
26 In the past, these states were often overrun by the armies of powerful neighbors; in the future, they may be fighting for their autonomy against competing zones of influence.
27 But nonetheless, Peter the Great creates this huge empire that will have over the long run, an enormous influence in European affairs.
28 Of course, early life is certainly not the only influence on empathy: some of the most caring, altruistic people have suffered horribly neglectful and abusive childhoods.
29 Early operation, effective decompression of the duodenum and postoperative parenteral nutrition are the major factors influence prognosis.
30 Conclusion. The level and the number of lumbar disc replacements influence postoperative outcome significantly.