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inflate in a sentence

1. Players regularly inflate their height.

2. They auto re-inflate when the line is released.

3. Inflate the model.

4. The airbooms needed seven minutes to fully inflate.

5. After dark, Gay felt it was safe to inflate his life raft.

6. Has a locknut that needs to be opened to inflate/deflate.

7. filers misreported their income to inflate their refund.

8. The inflatable arm uses pumps to inflate the arm.

9. It also allows electric air compressors to inflate tires.

10. It is equipped to inflate and deflate itself as it runs.

11. The barrels inflate.

12. He also has the ability to inflate.

13. The numbers started to inflate.

14. "Hold on, I need to inflate my basketball shoes."

15. It can also inflate the chance of a false positive;

16. Their vocal sacs visibly inflate when they call.

17. They also inflate achievements in some areas.

18. Rumor would vastly inflate the price, to $795,000.

19. The wings inflate, unfurl and dry into shape.

20. A pump is usually used to inflate these balloons.

21. Some organizations may wildly inflate their numbers.

22. You inflate it away with your currency effectively."

23. They are able to inflate their abdomen.

24. Players sometimes inflate their height.

25. Consequently, this would inflate the genus's distribution.

26. Two centrifugal fans were used to inflate the ballonets.

27. Will they default, inflate or manage their way out?

28. Should I inflate my experience?

29. Don's lifejacket had failed to inflate.

30. attempting to inflate a rubber glove with a hosepipe.