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inertia in a sentence

1. This feature is called inertia.

2. Partly, this was due to inertia;

3. again on the principle of inertia.

4. However, inertia remained.

5. Following are scalar moments of inertia.

6. Inertia first fought Impulse.

7. Inertia was responsible for Allen's death;

8. This trick relies on inertia.

9. Inertia, in comics, may refer to:

10. Funding and inertia stalled its decoration.

11. He then helps the other Rogues kill Inertia.

12. Inertia may also refer to:

13. Mass moment of inertia.

14. It leads to legislative inertia.

15. Inertia selling.

16. movement / inertia;

17. The result is active inertia.

18. This was explained as cultural inertia.

19. E. Inertia Space Sensing;

20. Potential in action, never in inertia.

21. J – moment of inertia of automaton.

22. Inertia Calculator.

23. His first wife's name was Inertia Bernstein.

24. 1. The Solent 2. Inertia.

25. Inertia prevailed.

26. Another obstacle is inertia.

27. How can you overcome this inertia?

28. Probably because of inertia.

29. Remember, inertia is a powerful force.

30. When EMA falls, inertia works for the bears.