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inert in a sentence

1. Many synthetics are also UV inert.

2. Silica is rather inert chemically.

3. it is effectively inert.

4. Inert may refer to:

5. It is also highly inert chemically.

6. the Li-7 was expected to be inert.

7. NAD is inert to HClO.

8. inert, inorganic geological material;

9. Two others were inert.

10. Its name means "the inert".

11. Opacifiers are generally inert.

12. History without critique is inert;

13. The helium is an inert byproduct.

14. LCPs are exceptionally inert.

15. Hafnium(IV) oxide is quite inert.

16. it is rather inert chemically.

17. Covers inert material;

18. He died from Inert gas asphyxiation.

19. common gases are air or inert gases.

20. The screen is inert;

21. Only [CrCl6] is exchange inert.

22. There are no inert tones.

23. BFCs are extremely inert.

24. The salts are chemically inert.

25. do not have an inert core.

26. Inert metals are very stable.

27. So, I have a lot of inert gas here.

28. It is, though, surprisingly inert.

29. Name: Noble gases, inert gases.

30. There's no inert gas.