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No. sentence
1 of the biggest treasures that we have in life is our individuality.
2 Both were directed at crushing the ultimate qualities of kindness and individuality.
3 Hobbes' individuality or individualism is closely connected to this conception of a human being or human well-being as success in the competition for the goods of life.
4 We should respect individuality.
5 Objective: To explore the relationship between childrens individuality and parents educational mode.
6 He quotes the Asian expression that "the peg that stands out is pounded down" as evidence of deep differences in the way Asians and Westerners think about individuality.
7 I noticed that sometimes we forget about our individuality and try to blend in with our surroundings.
8 is the hallmark of angels that they have a sense of individuality as well as a high-degree of selflessness, which allows them to feel one with collective energies and be joyfully in their service.
9 Revel in your individuality and do not worry about whether or not your desires are comparable to those of your peers.
10 You believe buying Apple undermines your individuality.
11 What has restored to man his individuality, which is his real greatness?
12 of desire for quick success has caused the student thesis goal dislocation, strangling students' individuality, and at the same time it also annihilates students' writing interest.
13 could also move beyond that and identify yourself with pure oneness or consciousness, devoid of any particular individuality.
14 Shen Congwen and Shi Tuo both are writers who seek creation individuality consciously.
15 clothing analogy might not be too far off, since the human population boom, combined with ever more crowded conditions, is likely increasing evolutionary pressure on our own individuality.
16 Cultivating our individuality will transform our lives, making of them a kaleidoscope of new colors and textures.
17 Risks are implied with individuality.
18 There is a time in every son's life when he resents the echoes reminding him that, for all his vaunted individuality, he is his father's son.
19 As soon as I saw these four little orchids together they remind me of a family and their similar looks yet different, having their own individuality.
20 There is nothing to call out his individuality, his ingenuity, his powers of balancing, judging, deciding.
21 between maintaining your individuality and blending in.
22 Most people recognize the benefits of individuality, but the fact is t hat personal economic success requires conformity.
23 He said he hopes to inject a bit more individuality and creativity into the funeral process.
24 They would respect each other's individuality.
25 Your stories will give the interviewer the tangible examples he or she seeks, and they will convey a very strong sense of your individuality, making you stand out more.
26 individuality of art is a symbol of success for an artist and distinctive composing skills are also a basic criterion to judge a painter's achievement.
27 To this end, Bacon was quite programmatic, suggesting a list of ways to remove the taint of individuality from the scientific literature.
28 But the owners are also indulging a peculiarly Chinese sense of individuality, using cars to push the personal boundaries of a conformist society.
29 Human parents try to respect their children's individuality, encouraging them to pursue their true passions, supporting their choices, and providing positive reinforcement and a nurturing environment.
30 The individuality and creativity vital to fashion, he added, got lost.