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individualistic in a sentence

1. Unlike virtue ethics, role ethics is not individualistic.

2. it lists sex solely from an individualistic perspective.

3. However, this was no individualistic path to salvation.

4. Others take a less individualistic approach.

5. The reasons for this are very individualistic;

6. Others as individualistic reductionism.

7. Hite used an individualistic research method.

8. It is competitive, individualistic and may border on barter.

9. Reading readiness is highly individualistic.

10. Individualistic approaches to couple problems can cause harm.

11. It is a genuine orgy of aggressive individualistic behavior.

12. He called his work "ascetic individualistic mysticism."

13. It is also individualistic with many touches all its own.

14. It's very individualistic.

15. Individualistic societies have happier populations.

16. they were thought to be too Westernised and individualistic.

17. The RT decried the RPC as individualistic and middle-class.

18. Collaborative and individualistic are those two.

19. the individualistic values of the Age of Enlightenment;

20. They are very individualistic.

21. the one nationalist, the other individualistic.

22. It is highly individualistic.

23. It reflects his individualistic nature and vitality.

24. Unlike virtue ethics, role ethics is not individualistic.

25. Individualistic cultures value the self above the group.

26. In his songs, C.Tangana transmits individualistic ideals.

27. Americans are more individualistic and... flashier, I think.

28. Secularism tends to make people selfish and individualistic.

29. But, of course, we don't lead individualistic lives.

30. is becoming an atomised, individualistic world.