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No. sentence
1 But we do not, as a rule, feel a heavy personal responsibility for the afflicted and deprived for we are pretty thoroughly formed by the individualistic, competitive society we live in.
2 's possible, however, that the relationship between these individualistic behaviors and frontier life is simply a statistical accident.
3 I cannot agree with this school, which seems too individualistic, and unduly indifferent to the importance of knowledge.
4 They are the latest in clutch of individualistic homemakers who have burrowed underground in search of tranquillity.
5 Her father, a yacht and airplane designer, and her mother, a portrait painter, were both free spirits and very individualistic.
6 Patriot, a story that takes place during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), raised leading actor Mel Gibson's popularity and promoted the myth of individualistic heroism.
7 Americans are more individualistic and... flashier, I think.
8 The physical proximity of the Japanese breeds tension, which can be discharged by hard work, but there is literally no room for aggressively individualistic behavior.
9 Samoan culture is very localized, and centered on tight-knit extended families, whereas Western societies tend to be highly individualistic and homophobic.
10 It would appear as if there was a relationship between divorce and individualistic behaviors, but it would only be due to the Shared relationship with religious beliefs.
11 Individualistic view of the world and the ability to rationalize unhealthy habits.
12 This survey has argued that, to misquote Scott Fitzgerald, the middle class is different: meritocratic, thrifty, individualistic, committed to education.
13 let it not be said-as it continually is said-that under this concept the law would be atheistic individualistic and heartless;
14 The exchange and dialogue between different cultures is in pursuit of the harmonious, coexistent but individualistic relationship.
15 Secularism tends to make people selfish and individualistic.
16 Accenture study clearly shows that the buying-decision process is much more household- and ecosystem-centric than individualistic.
17 The Economist has never made any secret of its preference for the Republican Party's individualistic “western” wing rather than the moralistic “southern” one that Mr Bush has come to typify.
18 fears that his health may have blunted his ambition, however, those moments seem to have sharpened a business method that often seems wilful, individualistic and counterintuitive.
19 The nature of doing meaningful things in the world means it can be lonely and individualistic.
20 There's an awful lot of idiosyncratic, individualistic response to crises over Japan's history.
21 They were Jeffersonian in their disdain for patricians, Jacksonian in their belief in individualistic, competitive enterprise.
22 Now the younger generations have become more individualistic and free; they go to Europe on backpacking trips," Kim says. "I think openness is necessary [to have creative industries]."
23 These women choose career and single life over marriage and family, which reveals an individualistic trend over family values, experts say.
24 But, of course, we don't lead individualistic lives.
25 People who settle down and build a life in the frontier tend to be more individualistic, even if they started out with more interdependent values.
26 The researchers found that a focus on compensation was most appreciated by people who are more individualistic e.g.
27 Cooperative learning promotes a greater use of higher level reasoning strategies, moral reasoning strategies, insight and critical thinking than do competitive or individualistic learning strategies.
28 It would suggest Britons were too individualistic, too busy with day-to-day living on a crowded island, to accept jarring changes for the common good.
29 As Scorpio moms have an individualistic attitude, their taste invariably goes towards-loving plant life.
30 Young women are more individualistic than their mothers, and are seeking out lesser-known brands.