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1 Studies have shown average conformity rates in collectivist cultures of between 25% and 58% whereas average conformity in individualist cultures is between 14% and 39%.
2 America is individualist and China is collectivist.
3 Cultural Beliefs and the Organization of Society: A Historical and Theoretical Reflection on Collectivist and Individualist Societies. " Journal of Political Economy 102, no. 5 (1994): 912–950.
4 Studies have shown average conformity rates in collectivist cultures of between 25% and 58% whereas average conformity in individualist cultures is between 14% and 39% (Smith & Bond, 1993).
5 Remove the capitalism, your false conciousness goes, your ideology goes, man will no longer be selfish and individualist.
6 Xiangzi in Camel Xiangzi by Laoshe is a typical image of individualist in modern China .
7 Some scholars pave the way for the collective property right on folk literature by borrowing the structuralist literature theory and criticizing the individualist authorship notion.
8 Compared with real collectivists, he is a liberal as well as an individualist, which predetermines he is wandering in a dilemma between freedom and despotism, individuality and collectivity.
9 Once analyzing with familist approach, there would be tow important differences from individualist approach: (1) Familism regards life as being unlimited, while individualism regards life as limited;
10 Others would argue that individualist goals are not selfish so long as they do not harm others.
11 But unfortunately, we're still in the old-school, individualist mind-set of wearing different clothes from everyone else.
12 Lane finds early individualist sentiment in the laws and customs of the ancient Israelites, and notes that the Bible has them establishing the first king only over God's strong objections.
13 Historians describe the English (more than the British) as unusually individualist and market-minded since medieval times, working for wages and trading property.
14 I am the only individualist in this room.
15 You're a rugged individualist who's straightforward and likes to do things your own way.
16 He was independent and strong, a stubborn individualist.
17 WThe concept of "the use of the useless" in life put forward by Master Zhuang has been wrongly regarded by scholars in history as the passive, reclusive and individualist philosophy of life.
18 Psychoanalysis: Individualist Orientation or Cultural Orientation?
19 But extensive development can also cause conflicts, particularly in an individualist, competitive society.
20 I am far more of an individualist than I ever was.
21 Although Leopold has many unconventional tastes and seems quite individualist, she refuses to classify herself as a hipster.
22 Lin 's cultural sentiment, distinguished by humor, reflects Lin' s peculiar understanding and pursuit of the individualist culture.
23 The creative original individualist, in any field of endeavor, represents a threat to the crystallized orthodox person.
24 London's images in China have experienced constant changes from rebel, individualist superman, American Gorky, to racist who showed contempt and hostility towards Chinese labors.
25 Everyone at my Milan team knew the greatest player of all played for Napoli. He was an emblem of football, an individualist that sacrificed himself for the team.
26 individualist creation that Modernism emphasized developed until the era of Minimalism and Conceptual Art. At the same time, artists lost their identity.
27 On the individualist side, we find societies in which the ties between individuals are loose: Everyone is expected to look after himself or herself and the immediate family.
28 The US has a particularly strong emphasis on individualist principles: individuals are encouraged to take chances to assert their individuality and pursue their individual self-interests.
29 Sometimes (more in sport than from real concern) I defended myself against the charge of individualism and demanded from the others proof that I was an individualist.
30 A behavioural economist says data suggests Britons in that era were more inclined to be "gentlemanly" while Americans were more "individualist".