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1 In the pressured atmosphere of America itself, however, this ideal was to become distorted by a radical form of individualism, which is now undermining social cohesion.
2 Hobbes' individuality or individualism is closely connected to this conception of a human being or human well-being as success in the competition for the goods of life.
3 As the world is moving toward this intense individualism, the barrier to entry in business and mass communication has almost disappeared.
4 This body of research suggests the French enlightenment view of human nature, which emphasized individualism and reason, was wrong.
5 The first real sign of the resurrection of the classical liberal idea came with the publication in 1943 of three groundbreaking books unabashedly defending individualism and free-market capitalism.
6 A spirit of rugged individualism pervades virtually every aspect of American life.
7 Departmentalism is magnified individualism.
8 Will it be defined by a "rugged individualism" or a belief that, as a collective, we have a moral responsibility to each other?
9 The romantic myth of rugged middle-class individualism is just that.
10 from that Angle, the orderliness we see on the roads is a general expression of the capacity for human society to work in the context of self-interested individualism.
11 When I go to China these days, I am struck by how much individualism there is, how much consumerism there is.
12 Individualism — the encouragement of society to define oneself independent of society — does not travel well, but respect for the dignity of the common man touches all hearts.
13 She resolves to purge herself of the capacity to appreciate heroic achievement-and to destroy Roark, who is a constant reminder of the individualism society cannot tolerate.
14 True individualism, he adds, was his decision to quit the engineering degree that back in the early 1990s that still guaranteed him a job, so he could learn to play guitar and go on to form P.K.14.
15 Churches with red neon crosses dot the city's skyline, prompting theories that Wenzhou's business culture is rooted in a form of protestant individualism.
16 American films generally love to highlight individualism.
17 One student described it saying, "we weren't supposed to value individualism but obey orders."
18 Toohey is the exception: he is the one character in Rand's work who fully comprehends the difference between good and evil, between individualism and collectivism, and consciously chooses evil.
19 These pursuits, which emphasized self-sufficiency and individualism, were supposed to enhance a woman's quality of life and improve her options, as well as her relations with men.
20 This is individualism.
21 Notice, this is not individualism in the modern sense, and it's not the nuclear family in the modern sense, these are extended family households.
22 prosperity translates into more choices for individuals-no small boon in a culture that so fervently celebrates cussed individualism.
23 Founded on ideals of rugged individualism, these former frontier territories are naturally conservative.
24 time, politicians promoted the idea of individualism and meritocracy, the theory that one’s station in life was best changed by hard work and dedication.
25 It should be borne in mind that in the initial stages of revolution, contradictions between proletarian socialism and peasant individualism often take on an extremely acute character.
26 The old values of individualism, capitalism and egoism must be demolished,” says the president. “New values must be created, and that can only be done through education.”
27 In America, some Jews begin to worship money and become morally corrupt, which reflects in the tense relationship with their neighbors on the basis of American individualism and egoism.
28 organised by the Organic Trade Board (OTB), and is the first show of solidarity by an industry riven by passionate individualism.
29 cultural background, the Eastern culture praise highly the collectivism, whereas, Western culture advocate the individualism.
30 As to the common understanding in the western, the basic meaning of individualism includes the aspects just like in Chinese context, but it exists mainly as the opposite of collectivism.