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1 Creativity is the fragrance of individual freedom.
2 An IP system can provide a higher degree of individual freedom, and more competition, than a centralized system of grants, incentives, and prizes awarded by governments and philanthropies.
3 The first several chapters lay out in abstract the conflict Lane proceeds to trace through human history: the conflict between individual freedom and authority.
4 It held that it was necessary to obstruct, thwart, restrain individual freedom, that to secure an abundance of material goods it was imperative to regiment industry and impede free competition.
5 They knew that history amply supports this truism: when personal responsibility is lost - whether it be taken by force or given up voluntarily - individual freedom does not long endure.
6 Liberty involves what governments do or, more accurately, what they are forbidden to do to their citizens — they are forbidden to abridge individual freedoms.
7 There is no sign yet of a fraying of the basic compact between the PAP and Singaporeans, who trade some individual freedoms for the prosperity and stability provided by an efficient ruling party.
8 is right that the leaden hand of the state has often suppressed individual freedom and creativity.
9 Those first French leftists stood for individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility for one's own welfare.
10 on individual freedom, authenticity and values clarification.
11 Just as deep ideas about individual freedom have led to the bracingly driven aspirational cinema of Hollywood, so Buddhism and Taoism explain the distinctiveness of Asian cinema at its best.
12 Second, they would give real protection to individual freedoms and provide guarantees for a pluralist political system.
13 true balance of value should base on the reality, emphasize dialectical unification between social control and individual freedom.
14 The third model encourages competition and allows inequality (as capitalism) but on occasion removes individual freedoms for the sake of the greater good (as socialism).
15 of central planning, control and even restrictions on individual freedoms is needed to make Masdar work.
16 Taoists believe that the harmony of a community and individual freedom of life is based on respect for individual life and human nature.
17 Certainly, Ikenberry does not include dedication to the principle of individual freedom as a hallmark of liberal international order.
18 Tocqueville think that existence of God is safeguard of individual freedom.
19 By contrast, young Marx was more concerned with exploring the ultimate value behind Epicures' philosophy, i. e. the principle of individual freedom.
20 morality of wicca is based heavily on free will allowing individual freedom with as little interference as possible.
21 I sawthem resisting, and vitally resisting, individual freedom and the industrialrevolution.
22 Socrates questioned Athenian authorities constantly and insisted on the right of individual freedom of conscience.
23 For example, Amartya Sen writes, "The Indian Emperor Ashoka in the third century BCE presented many political inscriptions in favor of tolerance and individual freedom, both as a part of state policy and in the relation of different people to each other".
24 Steiner was a sharp critic of nationalism, which he saw as outdated, and a proponent of achieving social solidarity through individual freedom.
25 What was new in these reforms was the underlying assumption that the state could be a positive force, that the measure of individual freedom... was not how much the state left people alone, but whether it gave them the capacity to fill themselves as individuals.
26 In the late 19th century, classical liberalism developed into neo-classical liberalism, which argued for government to be as small as possible to allow the exercise of individual freedom.
27 Patriarchy is based on authoritarianism—complete obedience or subjection to male authority as opposed to individual freedom.
28 The Parliament of England had its roots in the restrictions on the power of kings written into Magna Carta (1215), which explicitly protected certain rights of the King's subjects and implicitly supported what became the English writ of habeas corpus, safeguarding individual freedom against unlawful imprisonment with right to appeal.
29 Hayek stated that if the Conservative leader had said "that free choice is to be exercised more in the market place than in the ballot box, she has merely uttered the truism that the first is indispensable for individual freedom while the second is not: free choice can at least exist under a dictatorship that can limit itself but not under the government of an unlimited democracy which cannot".
30 He generally regarded government redistribution of income or capital as an unacceptable intrusion upon individual freedom, saying that "the principle of distributive justice, once introduced, would not be fulfilled until the whole of society was organized in accordance with it. This would produce a kind of society which in all essential respects would be the opposite of a free society".