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1 The bundle provides complete flexibility for individual practitioners, who can install and use whatever tool (s) they need to do their job.
2 An individual patient might spend a whole 50-minute session telling me how much she hates her evil, persecutory boss; or he might launch into a monologue about the horrors of his teenage children.
3 But this study suggests that if the goal is increased equality, individual attitudes have to change.
4 For XML, try fuzzing individual element content and attribute values rather than selecting a random section of the bytes in the document to replace.
5 More and more often today, we also see situations where the individual loses her job, but her old corporate responsibility, and the projects she was working on, dont go away.
6 But the agencies argue that their ratings are designed to measure the probability of default, not to recommend the purchase of individual securities or to predict market prices.
7 And it seemed to me that this revival was based on aseparation of individual liberty from the industrial revolution whose cause andsource is individual liberty.
8 One is individual, the other is social.
9 Her first individual show at his gallery was well received.
10 The enterprise, rather than any individual or business unit, owns all data.
11 nutshell, all work carried out by an individual remains local and that work will be shareable only after that person has published it by committing the work to the repository.
12 Our chart, therefore, strips out any repeat mentions of individual titles.
13 scale of the Venice Biennale means that artists, cultural institutions and individual countries all vie, not just for attention, but for international recognition.
14 Because it might teach one about the risks of hubris or the importance of team over individual.
15 an appreciation of this situation, and as stated, previously the acceptance for a Company to supply, rests with the commercial decision of the individual Customer.
16 After all, individual strength is limited.
17 Through educating himself and strengthening his own will power, every individual should resist the temptation of cigarettes.
18 The concept of value is all relative as well, an nomad tribe will have an individual seen as more valuable than others, and he will be more desirable.
19 The first man said, was the second personal hearing, and he said, now the third and the fourth individual personal against a two side, and only one side, then follow the two together.
20 All the microscopic available states, that is, if I take an individual particle and I say where it can be, all those states have the same energy.
21 Does every individual have an obligation to think seriously about important matters,even when doing so may be difficult?
22 This parameter is NOT the size of the individual application control heap of each application in an application group.
23 Under individual contributions, the hope that others contribute leads individuals not to contribute.
24 Some of the animals were given running wheels in their cages, allowing them to run at will. Most jogged moderately every day for several miles, although individual mileage varied.
25 There is some debate, however, as to whether results on individual tests of specific abilities may be more helpful than results on tests of broader factors, like general intelligence.
26 I suspect a great deal has to do with the authority of the investment bank's brand - which begs the question why individual bankers frequently pocket 50% or so the fee charged by the bank to clients.
27 All truths have to be acquired directly by the individual.
28 When you examine the raw data, snoop automatically formats and parses the content of the packet for you, even down to the individual protocol level.
29 In snoop, for example, you can get detailed information about NFS operations, from the top level of the protocol right down to the individual data blocks transferred.
30 Previous advice only requested that professionals provide the degree of support required by each individual.