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increased contact in a sentence

1. Increased contact with outside peoples in this period led to the adoption of many Near Eastern deities into the pantheon.

2. Increased contact with the Chinese gave Jurchens the more complex and sophisticated organizational structures.

3. Increased contact with Europeans also meant more exposure to diseases to which the islanders had no immunity.

4. Increased contact with the Western civilization may also have contributed to human depictions in Islamic art in modern times.

5. Moreover, increased contact with the outside world might be damaging as it creates dependency.

6. This increased contact led to various responses from Buddhists and Westerners throughout the modern era.

7. Increased contact area can be obtained with very large wheels, lots of smaller wheels or track-type gear.

8. Problems engendered by increased contact necessitated a mechanism for regular negotiations.

9. This era also showed increased contact with Mississippian peoples;

10. The commission's final report also offered new evidence of increased contact between Iran and al-Qaeda.

11. The increased contact between the adult and the infant is what enhances the adoption of parental behavior.

12. Wars also increased contact with Asia, particularly wars with the Persian Empire.

13. With increased contact with Asia came increased transmission of disease into the Mediterranean from Asia.

14. In general, the species is not threatened, but human population pressure has increased contact between humans and baboons.

15. He greatly expanded the Kingdom through warfare and increased contact with the Portuguese Empire.

16. Due to increased contact with outside cultures, contemporary Kayapo often wear Western-style clothing such as shorts.

17. this however increased contact with whites and furthered cultural influence.

18. Following the Fourth Crusade, there was increased contact with the West;

19. This led to increased contact between Muslim minorities in China and the Islamic states of the Middle East.

20. Increased contact also caused detrimental epidemics among the indigenous populations.

21. This led to increased contact between Muslim minorities in China and the Islamic states of the Middle East.

22. during its rule, deportations, colonisations, and intermarriage increased contact between Arameans and Assyrians.

23. About this time, a major shift in the material culture of Scandinavia occurred, reflecting increased contact with the Romans.

24. With this new-found confidence came increased contact between Tchaikovsky and the Belyayev circle.

25. The exile increased contact with Continental Anabaptists.

26. Like the Acura ARX-02a, Audi has chosen to install taller and wider tyres at the front for increased contact patch.

27. The aforementioned idea is accurate only insofar as the increased contact does not unveil detestable traits in either person.

28. These included increased contact between humans and mice due to a "bumper crop" in the deer mouse population.

29. Increased contact between Japan and the Asian mainland had led to more frequent and serious outbreaks of infectious diseases.

30. A huge influx of European settlers in the 1870s increased contact between the indigenous people and the newcomers.