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No. sentence
1 If the transaction in one resource commits successfully but another fails and must roll back, the first transaction can no longer be rolled back, so the state of the application becomes inconsistent.
2 We realize that the deeper coherence of the universe requires that each of us inhabits a lawful world of our own that may seem inconsistent with the worlds inhabited by others.
3 Notice that the error handler for the latter undoes the work of the former so that data is not left in an inconsistent state.
4 Some of the services are getting realized in an inconsistent way of recognizing system functions.
5 There are a variety of project risks due to inconsistent approaches adopted in the identification of business and IT services.
6 The tales illustrate the frustrations that many chemists feel for their fickle field, particularly when experiments fail to work or instead produce inconsistent results.
7 was foolish and inconsistent with my previous dread of the light, but what would you have?
8 To avoid creating solutions that are inconsistent with the existing customer roles and processes, SBD must focus more on the users, what they do, and the context they live in.
9 But critics of the Princeton study say the findings are inconsistent - some of the rat groups, after all, showed no differences in weight gain.
10 is possible to glean from the available research findings a number of clues to explain some of the differences in attitude, though the conclusions are always inconsistent.
11 There is something inconsistent in bailing out the banking system once again and then "bailing in" holders of sovereign debt after 2013 by introducing collective-action clauses.
12 But later we found out the export tax rebate adjustment may have many side effects too, and in some extent inconsistent with the principle of equal competition.
13 Later on, however, we found that the adjustment of export tax rebate may have side effects, and it was inconsistent with the principle of equal competition.
14 Later, however, we found that the adjustment in export tax rebate may also have a lot of side effects, and in a way it is inconsistent with the principle of equal competition.
15 If the compensating transactions themselves fail, the systems will be left in an inconsistent state.
16 Some of you know fathers who are unpredictable, unreliable, or fickle. They're always changing, depending on the mood they're in. Inconsistent fathers produce insecure children.
17 things worse, Yang lied on the stand. His statements were inconsistent, and there wasn't the slightest sense of remorse.
18 The risks of flexible and evolutionary software development are incoherent and inconsistent end results.
19 Applying a TL to an inconsistent AIX will not only damage the operating system, but it can also make it unbootable.
20 Indeed, profit is inconsistent with the point of such a programme which is to socialise losses that would otherwise cripple the financial sector and toss millions of people out of their homes.
21 Leaving the choice of standards and guidelines until late in the project results in inconsistent work, strife within the team, failed reviews, and sometimes even significant rework.
22 Inconsistent with the hypotheses, there were no significant differences on the accessibility and relatedness under different relationship and priming conditions in this analysis.
23 Also, when asked to recall the story on separate occasions, the person may not remember the original story they told, particularly in the finer details, and so may be inconsistent over time.
24 Tories say that staying in the EPP was inconsistent with campaigning at home to defend British sovereignty.
25 The incident pointed to a central problem: that the government lacks an agreed economic philosophy, so co-ordination across departments is hampered and policymaking is inconsistent.
26 Taxes, fees and third-person charges were wildly inconsistent, as well.
27 In a traditional RAID 5 architecture, all disks must have their data within the stripe, or the stripe is inconsistent.
28 Because there's no way to update all disks atomically, it's possible to produce the well-known RAID 5 write hole problem (where a stripe is inconsistent across the drives of the RAID set).
29 After all, the proposed deal would be one of the biggest IBM has ever done and is inconsistent with IBMs usual plan of boosting its existing businesses with small acquisitions.
30 Demand for the application would be inconsistent and experience peaks and valleys.