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1 This includes device support for any new devices on the new system, as well as support for the model itself.
2 This includes skills about how to integrate these products with each other, as well as with existing systems, and how to optimize solutions running on them.
3 Mr. Aquino said Monday the list includes Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, former national police chief Jesus Versoza and Interior Undersecretary Rico Puno.
4 Tynan writes a blog called Thank You For Not Sharing, which says it includes "a fair amount of whining." (it's really quite funny.)
5 Unlike the Venice film Festival, the Sundance film Festival only includes small, independent films. That is, it only includes those not financed by Hollywood studios.
6 This includes our closest Allies - nations like the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey - all of whom have fought by our sides for decades.
7 Set a quit date and write a "quit date contract" that includes your signature and that of a supportive witness.
8 This section includes some commands that collect data from each area.
9 So we start with base money and then we'll have what's called M-1, which includes cheque accounts, demand deposits of Banks...
10 technically true of GPT; however, if a GPT disk includes a BIOS boot partition, GRUB 2 will store extra code in that partition.
11 The company will establish a systems engineering approach for the program that includes linking the towers to other existing Army systems.
12 excerpt below includes only portions of code that have changed from the previous example.
13 This manipulation includes getting a certain file input stream from the document package, updating, inserting, or deleting a file stream, and other basic operations.
14 This includes those men who keep their socks on and their pants rolled down.
15 So, the purpose of the competition includes walking?
16 sale includes important pictures by Tahia Halim, who painted scenes of the Nile and portraits of those who lived along the length of it, and a small rough bronze by Mokhtar.
17 Although yoga includes physical exercise, it is also a lifestyle practice for which exercise is just one component.
18 Head coach Lang Ping Wednesday signed a handful of aces in Guangzhou to join the Guangdong Hengda Women's Volleyball Team. The star lineup includes Feng Kun, Zhou Suhong and Yang Hao.
19 That includes many individuals with esoteric skills that are of little use in everyday life - like being able to instantly reckon the day of the week for any past or future date.
20 So, the full armor of God includes integrity, purity and serenity.
21 silica in cucumber is an essential component of healthy connective tissue, which includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone.
22 In Baghdad, in South Lebanon, in Afghanistan, in Libya now - there are maybe a couple of hundred people - and that includes Europeans, Americans - that's it.
23 This Is It" is featured in the film's closing sequence and includes backing vocals by Michael's brothers, the Jacksons.
24 The raw converted form includes only the layout and logic.
25 The anthology includes many more poets than the last edition, smaller names as well as big ones, and it is a more complete record of poetry's place in the wider world of popular culture.
26 new series also includes a piston design that makes digressive forces for added pitch and roll control. This helps with performance over rough terrains and on off-road surfaces.
27 Mouse deer are the smallest members of the animal family that includes pigs, hippos, camels, deer, antelopes, sheep and goats.
28 The procedure goes on until you hit a schema that neither imports nor includes any other schemas.
29 Of or belonging to the family Viverridae, which includes small carnivorous mammals such as the civets and mongooses .
30 One contains an electric charging mechanism and the other includes electric combustion piles fueled by liquid hydrogen.