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1 that tried to track how chain letters propagate by email suffered from selection bias because they included only posts that had been "fossilized" on newsgroup archives.
2 Mozilla's early goals were extremely ambitious—the original Mozilla application suite included a browser, a complete mail and newsgroup program, a web design tool, and an IRC client.
3 Categorizations associated with the business itself are not included in the search.
4 What made the research possible was that many of the explorers who colonized the islands included naturalists on their boats.
5 As I've emphasized in the past, this policy hurts the rest of the world, increasing unemployment in many other countries, America included.
6 If you continually question why he included this section at all, then you will be frustrated.
7 Few people read the appendix carefully, but this is the information that supports your arguments, so it must be included.
8 Case studies included the monitoring of the central wing and outer panel jointing area, the upper and lower pivots of main landing gears.
9 Pasttrips have included a honeymoon to far-flung Patagonia, Chile and Machu Picchu, and a luxury corporate retreat in the jungles of Cambodia.
10 His sculptures included "Back", a series of plaster reliefs cast in bronze.
11 included such beasts as giant ichthyosaurs that might have reached25 meters in length and plesiosaurs with seven-meter-long necks reminiscent of the fabled Loch Ness monster in Scotland.
12 Since the 14th century, celebrations in these countries have often included huge effigies (up to 3 yards tall) of historical, biblical, and sometimes contemporary figures. And dragons.
13 Di Achille said the shoreline evidence was found along a broad delta and included a series of alternating ridges and troughs thought to be surviving remnants of beach deposits.
14 Why, in its presence, should I deny the joy of living, as long as I know everything is not included in this joy?
15 Some 20 years later he included "Song of a Young Sentry" in an anthology of his poems.
16 They included skatole, a component of feces; trimethylamine, one of the essences of rotting fish; and several of the more pungent fatty acids that contribute to rancid human body odor, " Ed says.
17 The path to log files should only be included in the split mirror for clone database.
18 bureaucratic aversion to nomadism and a Victorian relish for the Hindu caste system, they adjudged many Indian tribesmen, Pardhis included, to be preordained crooks.
19 Unprocessed red meat included beef, lamb or pork but not poultry.
20 The other winning photomicrographs we chose included subjects such as a wasp’s nest, the olfactory bulbs of zebra fish, seaweed, soy sauce, cancer cells, sulfur and a rat retina.
21 Zuma might once have been included in his list but is now the unnamed butt of much of Mr Malema’s stinging criticism about a lack of leadership.
22 Included among these cells are hairs (yup, leaves have hairs), any sort of bump or ornamentation, and most important, stomata.
23 games included events like the Corporate Phone Toss and Pin the Blame on the Boss.
24 I know for my part that I'd surrender everything, honor included, in order to get out of the mess.
25 Researchers collected more than 480 reports from missionaries, plantation doctors, explorers and anthropologists. These included who was eating dirt and under what circumstances.
26 If you want your picture included at the conclusion of your article or tutorial, please submit an unretouched digital photograph.
27 Other compositions included a group of men posing together near the parking garage and a mixed group of men and women on another bridge.
28 NASA spokesman Steve Cole said that was possible because the last track for the satellite included Canada, starting north of Seattle and then in a large arc north then south.
29 I dearly hope you don't copy and paste the included script without at least thinking about breaking it into template pieces and refactoring it.
30 But, they point out, the same association between performance and mortality risk was seen in the grip strength studies, which included a younger and presumably healthier population.