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No. sentence
1 Though his favorite movies include classics like Citizen Kane, The Grapes of Wrath, and Stairway to Heaven, Sondheim says he dislikes movie musicals.
2 of the hazards of living in those days will include getting conked by spare rocket parts falling from the sky.
3 However, the file could include all of the content for the application.
4 His research interests include digital publishing and the future of the book.
5 Other ideas include building a detector to see if the spin of an atomic nucleus can be measured, or using the technique as an ultrasensitive antenna.
6 Nato today offered to include Moscow in its defence planning, announcing that missile shields being developed in the us and Europe could be integrated with Russian systems.
7 This discussion could be extended to include other equally important roles, such as project manager or tester, but for now, we will focus on the roles of the analyst, architect, and developer.
8 He then asks her to include Kim on the call, and Jack pledges his love to them, vowing to come to their rescue.
9 would include eruptions that release more than 1000 cubic kilometres of material.
10 However, for Data Handlers the method input parameters do not include the protocol headers, so how do we access them?
11 Some of the more popular browsers include additional components to support Usenet news, IRC (Internet relay chat), and email.
12 The context should not include the solution or any technical jargon.
13 These resources include hardware, software, data, and/or people.
14 Such differences include what the token is attached to (thread, subject), in which direction it is propagated (downstream, horizontal), and what it is used for (authentication).
15 biggest drawback to top horizontal navigation is that it limits the number of links you can include without resorting to sub-navigation.
16 When you include an appropriate spacer in your horizontal or vertical layouts, your widgets will be grouped together with a section of expansive space where the spring is located.
17 If your company is an ISV and your personal responsibilities include development or marketing, you need to build your products faster and compete more effectively in your vertical markets.
18 Values between 1 to 127 are error numbers (shown in /usr/include/sys/errno.h), whereas between 128 to 512 are exceptions (shown in /usr/include/sys/m_except.h).
19 You will include this data on the search results page, but only on demand.
20 other honorable bills out there that have much to recommend them but fall short because they do not include mandatory greenhouse gas reductions or a price signal.
21 The renowned music festivals hosted by Poland include the Wratislavia Cantans and the Warsaw Autumn.
22 Other Yunnan delights include "mountain treasures chicken pot" (RMB42) and "steamed fish on palm leaf" (RMB42).
23 Health problems include bloodshot eyes, teeth eroded to stumps due to the acidic conditions, wheezing, allergies, sore stomachs, and damaged knees.
24 That could include bold new concessions from the Greeks, such as pledging privatisation proceeds as collateral for new rescue funds.
25 Examples of additional query options are Settings such as whether to return spelling Suggestions or to include synonym expansions in the query results.
26 Other hidden sources include cured meats, frozen or boxed foods, and fast foods.
27 I deliberately chosen not to include those because I wanted to show you that nuclear plants have containments and reactor or power conversion systems which typically steam turbines.
28 They include plans at California's own hell's gate, later named The Geysers—a misnomer, as there are no geysers there—already the site of the world's largest geothermal plant.
29 Suppose you include a copy of the content as a snapshot in time, particularly for content like a programming specification level.
30 This way you can include images, text formatting, and related manipulation.