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impressionist in a sentence

1. In the Impressionist exhibit of 1876;

2. impressionist/comic Michael Winslow;

3. The aim was to mimic Impressionist paintings.

4. He painted in an impressionist style.

5. he is best known for his Impressionist works.

6. Scottish Impressionist Bessie MacNicol;

7. Canadian Impressionist Emily Carr;

8. pre-impressionist style.

9. 1942) was a French Impressionist painter.

10. He tried some neo-impressionist styles also.

11. French Impressionist Cinema.

12. Impressionist painter Paul Sawyier.

13. Kobzdej started off as a Post-Impressionist.

14. 1956) was an Impressionist painter.

15. He was a lyrical impressionist.

16. 1964) was a French Impressionist painter.

17. he also painted in the Impressionist style.

18. Simon is a voice artiste/impressionist.

19. Russell was an Impressionist painter;

20. He can be regarded as an impressionist.

21. Paul Burling is a British impressionist.

22. He painted impressionist paintings.

23. Painted in post-impressionist style.

24. Was an English comedian and impressionist.

25. He collected post-impressionist art.

26. He was an impressionist painter.

27. Grayson painted in the impressionist style.

28. Cassatt adopted an impressionist manner.

29. Impressionist Coastal Scene

30. known largely as an Impressionist.