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1 stone building sits atop an artificial island like an imposing fortress about 800m off Doha.
2 We move on to imposing towers and wings, now flats, some big enough to house an entire football team.
3 That sounds like a way of imposing uniformity rather than allowing competing views to flourish.
4 When, in September 2009, America handed them a free pass to the moral high ground by imposing tariffs on tyre imports, they risked worsening the damage with a threat of retaliation. [/align]
5 Now they have to choose between disappointing the bond markets and imposing austerity on their voters.
6 The panel decided against recommending an increase in the sales tax or imposing any type of temporary tax on corporations benefiting from tax exemption under the industrial incentives law.
7 Reading about the Ancient Egyptians with their pyramids, mummies and imposing gods, it is easy to reach the conclusion that they were preoccupied with death.
8 Amy Chua lives in New Haven, Conn., in an imposing mock-Tudor mansion - complete with gargoyles - that was built in the 1920s for a vaudeville impresario.
9 news that Brussels is imposing a ban on non-energy saving lightbulbs next week, I telephoned Peter Jones in central London to ask if they had any in stock.
10 Olli Rehn, the monetary affairs commissioner, says none of this should be construed as a hint of an outright debt restructuring-ie, imposing haircuts on bondholders.
11 wants the government to restrain speculative inflows by imposing far higher initial margin requirements on currency futures.
12 But there are cases like the power plant that emits smoke that dirties my shirt in which the company is imposing a cost on me for which I'm not being compensated.
13 They bring lightness and humour to a dark story of family secrets and rivalries that the director has mined from the imposing mythology of the Coppola family.
14 exchange like SASIX ACTS as a brokerage, imposing some structure and order on the largely disorganized world of charitable giving.
15 Scorning tabloid bids to paint him as "Red Ed", he admits that Labour would be imposing spending cuts if it were in power, and says he will not support "irresponsible" strikes.
16 Are they basic, such a light dimmer, or more imposing, like an alarm system or a video camera?
17 The nine-hour trip allows for plenty of sleeping off all that delicious Czech lager before arriving in Krakow ready for the Polish take on royal castles, imposing squares and atmospheric cellar bars.
18 metres from the museum is the city's most photographed symbol: the ruins of Sao Paulo, the Jesuit church built in 1602, although today only its imposing stone facade remains.
19 If they started imitating China by imposing restrictions on capital transfers, China would lose some of its current advantages.
20 Luis Guillermo Plata, Colombia's trade minister, said April 11 that U.S. rejection of the accord would be tantamount to imposing ' 'trade sanctions "on one of America's staunchest Allies."
21 All these intentions are affirmative and hardly bar the licensor or licensee from imposing additional terms.
22 All these intentions are affirmative; none prevents the licensor or licensee from imposing additional terms.
23 It was a city of detached mansions; a Mediterranean lounging-place on the English Channel; and as seen now by night it seemed even more imposing than it was.
24 imposing and expensive hotel is a must-see if you are to understand the lifestyle of Rajasthan’s maharajas, which used to leave European royalty gasping.
25 Mr Putin, his predecessor and the current prime minister, sat directly opposite him in the front row of the audience in one of the Kremlin's most imposing halls.
26 Their wish to be nice to the regime in Khartoum means they have no interest in forcing it to mend its ways, by, for instance, imposing further sanctions over Darfur.
27 Outfitted with bristling laser batteries and thick neosteel armor, these imposing vessels are among the most powerful to be found in terran space.
28 But its imposing outer appearance is tempered by fine Arts &Craft details inside, such as ornamental plaster ceilings and fireplaces.
29 True, America and the EU are not resorting to imposing fresh barriers of their own in this dispute; for that matter, China's export restrictions are not new either.
30 Momentum effects are yet another reason to refrain from imposing restrictions on short-sellers.