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No. sentence
1 Businesses need to impose unique constraints on this information even when they use vertical industry standards for exchange.
2 think that the incomprehensible decision on Friday to impose tariffs on Chinese tyre imports was designed to save free trade.
3 Only the French, with goodness-knows-what writing drills on their small-squared paper, seem still to impose a rounded, open, characterless national hand.
4 Just because they have no imagination and don't allow themselves to 'escape' for an hour or so into harmless fantasy I don't see why they should impose their dull lives onto us!
5 They need other options.One, adopted by Brazil, South Korea, Thailand and others, and endorsed by the IMF, is to impose or increase taxes and regulations to slow down inflows.
6 Now, we cannot and must not attempt to impose our will on the people of Libya, but we can and must stand with them as they determine their own destiny.
7 the project process may impose some content and formatting constraints on the information, each team should have the ability to determine how it produces the information.
8 Partly because the classes usually do more than you actually need, they impose more overhead than a class designed for one purpose only.
9 Some containers impose themselves into the business logic of a component in the form of framework methods.
10 this person powerful because they can hurt others in some way, or embarrass them, humiliate them, impose sanctions against them, fire them, or take something away from them?
11 The House tomorrow is to take up legislation that would impose a 90% tax on bonuses paid to top executives at AIG and other recipients of taxpayer bailout funds.
12 At first, with no barrier to entry, enrolment climbed, but in 1976 the city of New York, which was then in effect bankrupt, forced CUNY to impose tuition fees.
13 unwise attempt by the Danish presidency to impose a non-legitimate meeting to override the legitimate multilateral process was the reason why Copenhagen will be considered a disaster.
14 If we impose import duties, other countries may retaliate against u.
15 of her own errors and misfortunes, she early sought to impose a tender, but strict control over the infant immortality that was committed to her charge.
16 Their hypothesis is that crowd size and partisanship impose pressures on referees.
17 These relationships impose some semantics on the system that further assist in validating or understanding the system.
18 other words, schemas cannot quite do everything DTDs have long been able to, while on the other hand, schemas also cannot express a whole set of further rules one might wish to impose on documents.
19 In India, for example, prices of edible oil, for which imports are significant, are likely to face pressure because exporting countries will tend to impose restrictions.
20 You may not impose any further restrictions on the recipients' exercise of the rights granted herein.
21 More recently, when food prices shot up in 2008, some countries started to impose export bans or taxes, leading importers to hanker for self-sufficiency.
22 GPL version 2, in 1991, was designed also to prevent patent holders from using their patents to impose licenses on redistributors in a way that would make the software non-free.
23 may impose its own will on the other party, and no unit or individual may illegally interfere.
24 This would target the desired group, and not impose inefficient costs on non-obese persons by taxing the foods they eat or the activities they choose to engage in.
25 You need to understand what your children are like, rather than try to impose your desires upon them.
26 broad-based nature of the bac, which does not impose early specialisation and gives all students a grounding in subjects such as philosophy and languages, is an advantage.
27 Such things have a powerful impact in the tiny Gulf state, and may explain why Qatar is so far the only Arab country that looks likely to dispatch warplanes to help impose the no-fly zone.
28 JSR 170 treats transactional support as an optional feature and does not impose a standard way of exposing the transactional hooks so each implementation can chose a different method.
29 They only had the occasion in a kind of formless matter upon which they could adopt and impose any form they took.
30 They may be held incommunicado and without charge for 120 days before being put before a special court that could impose further months of detention.