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importing in a sentence

1. Importing milk is prohibited.

2. That led to importing ice from Singapore.

3. Importing stopped in the 1970s.

4. Co. importing business.

5. Check port rules before importing.

6. and importing oil from Venezuela.

7. His father was an importing metal merchant.

8. "Importing Goods, Exporting Jobs".

9. "Importing Goods, Exporting Jobs".

10. for the importing of custom made swords.

11. Dundee was at the peak of importing jute;

12. JNR ceased importing locomotives in 1912.

13. He engaged in the importing business.

14. Under the Importing &

15. Importing rules for the UK are stringent.

16. mainly importing silk, cotton and tea.

17. Importing the GGG title Vollgespritzt &

18. Uruguay is a petroleum-importing country.

19. Cia. dedicated to importing iron.

20. He began importing textiles and livestock.

21. Mike Okwechime from importing weapons.

22. Co.), again importing pipes and fancy goods.

23. importing nuclear/toxic wastes;

24. The siblings began importing beer in 2002.

25. Fuchs also began importing horses.

26. He started by importing tea from Ceylon.

27. LadaCanada started importing in 1979.

28. (2) "importing Roman chant books";

29. Venezuela had to begin importing oil;

30. Importing an XDE model with a profile.