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imported food in a sentence

1. and may trigger social unrest in commodity-dependent poor countries that primarily rely on imported food.

2. Britain's reliance on imported food led to the danger of it being starved into submission during wartime.

3. These were tariffs on imported food that kept up the price of grain to placate Tory landowners.

4. Merchants imported food and French wines and exported wool, pelts, leather, lead and tin.

5. Imported food, however, comes from somewhere.

6. Sport divers who visit Bikini to dive on the shipwrecks must eat imported food.

7. Meanwhile, the country was increasingly becoming dependent on imported food.

8. Czechoslovakia also imported food and animal products from Hungary.

9. In Ulaanbaatar, there is a wide range of imported food available.

10. However, imported food cans continued to include lead soldered seams.

11. Imported food could not be paid for by exports, because exports had been reduced to a trickle.

12. but this was also unpopular as it would have meant higher prices on imported food.

13. 90% of these mosques use the 2nd floor for religious activities and the first floor as a halal shop (imported food;

14. The US is now Cuba's single largest source for imported food.

15. As well, ration books were needed for things such as gasoline and "imported food stuffs."

16. The trend of Chinese dependence on imported food is expected to accelerate as the water shortage worsens.

17. In 1977 imported food valuations were over 37 times higher than in 1958.

18. However, while a large part of oil wealth was spent on imported food this was not necessarily disturbing.

19. Reliance on imported food decreased 68% between 2006 and 2011.

20. Reed's Original Ginger Brew has won the "Best Imported Food Product" from the Canadian Fancy Food Association.

21. Imported food is also freely available, including apples, grapes, celery, and even sliced bread from New Zealand.

22. The high value of sable pelts made it possible to buy imported food.

23. His son Joshua Warfield operated a title company, and imported food waste for composting fertilizer for soil.

24. Labelling on imported food must comply the requirements, and is regulated under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme.

25. Before the outbreak of war in 1914, the United Kingdom relied on imported food to feed the population;

26. His father is a branch manager of a major imported food company.

27. The port city of Al Hudaydah has played a crucial role in delivering imported food into the country.

28. Imported food is expensive.

29. Labelling on imported food must comply the requirements, and is regulated under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme.

30. While the ships were detained, the Northern islands ran out of imported food and petrol.