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1 they are imported, they can be set to read-only and not changeable since their definitions are part of the federal standard.
2 The importer of the dashboard, in this case you, owns the imported dashboard.
3 Material such as wood chip pellets will be imported from North America and Africa, while UK-sourced biomass like tree stumps and corn stubble will also be used.
4 In the next section, we will use the imported artifacts to generate and create code that will handle the overall implementation of our business process.
5 high tariffs on imported sugar, to the benefit of America's beet and cane farmers, have also helped to promote HFCS.
6 If you buy strawberries out of season, they \ 're most likely imported from countries that use less-stringent regulations for pesticide use.
7 Some goods and services cannot be imported, but the Labour required to produce them can be.
8 Importing and exporting deployments is not blocked so that packages can be imported through this feature.
9 As we sipped from our second glass of imported Whiskey, Mr. Smith's thoughts turned to his son, who was sitting with us, listening attentively and trying to interject when he could.
10 None of these changes require an update to the persistence bundle's manifest because no new packages are exported or imported.
11 This is especially noticeable if the project is exported and then imported into a new workspace.
12 Instead all relevant data can be transferred from the profiled database and the tool can run connected to a different database, such as a development environment, using the imported data.
13 Among common items on the grocery shelf, only spices and some imported products, like mangoes from India, are routinely treated with radiation.
14 This consists of calendars owned by the user, calendars owned by someone else but that the user has subscribed to, and calendars the user has imported in a read-only state.
15 Note that bitmap (BMP) images that are imported into a Lotus Notes document are compressed; bitmap images that are pasted into a Lotus Notes document are converted to GIF or JPG format.
16 China has shown that grafting of imported concepts and institutions into old and traditional institutions is possible and can result in improved functioning of market institutions.
17 data can be unloaded or exported from one database and then can be imported or loaded into another.
18 Projects may be loaded, unloaded, and imported.
19 At the other end of the price range, a new generation of wealthy Japanese savored imported French wines at lavish restaurants.
20 Embryos from cattle cloned in the US were first imported three years ago, but no official checks have been kept on their offspring.
21 imported the transaction into the application server, the resource adapter is then responsible for notifying the server of events pertaining to that transaction.
22 The index works by taking a weighted average of the price of imported iron and domestically produced iron ore to produce a composite number.
23 There are also concerns that cheap soya feed imported from South America is fuelling destruction of the rainforests.
24 The imported cows have given birth to their first calves.
25 In this example, the license key is imported into the license server, which resides on the workbench machine and serves the key to all remote machines.
26 Qatar, like most of its Gulf Arab peers, depends heavily on imported food, buying some 95% of its requirements from abroad.
27 We provided this component in the module you imported.
28 As China emerges as a trading giant (one increasingly dependent on imported oil), a few of its military analysts talk about the need to protect distant sea lanes in the Malacca Strait and beyond.
29 Wild chimpanzees cannot be imported into the United States, but those that are born in captivity here can still be purchased as pets and used in biomedical research and entertainment.
30 But this crab also suffers from something of an identity crisis: Imported king crab is often misnamed Alaskan king crab, because most people think that's the name of the crab.