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No. sentence
1 Our two peoples share the same experience of having been oppressed by imperialism.
2 Might is right — that is the logic of imperialism.
3 I think there is an essential sort of imperialism.
4 invasions of the western imperialism powers shaked the legitimate foundation of this system.
5 For the motherland, to the nation, in the strangling feudalism, in the fire of imperialism, after countless men and women with high ideals, burn their own life and youth!
6 transformation of numerous modest middlemen into a handful of monopolists is one of the fundamental processes in the growth of capitalism into capitalist imperialism.
7 Television companies have gained more leeway in part because worries about cultural imperialism have shifted from Hollywood to Silicon Valley.
8 Imperialism is monopolistic, parasitic and moribund capitalism.
9 Mr Rogan details the slow encroachment of European imperialism into nearly every corner of the Arab world.
10 Rising nations may decry US imperialism and European meddling and resent the west's innate sense of its own superiority.
11 new Russian imperialism is bad news for all its neighbours.
12 Iran's best-loved television serial, "My Uncle Napoleon", pokes fun at a man who sees the stealthy hand of British imperialism behind every event in Iranian history.
13 In each case the tone of the comments was often strikingly unpleasant, with sweeping accusations of anti-Semitism, genocide, imperialism, treachery and mendacity.
14 The group comprises Allies such as Qatar, and rebels such as Venezuela, which expresses disdain for American imperialism even as it surrenders its monetary sovereignty to America's central bank.
15 imperialism is bad news for all its neighbours.
16 But the historic mission of the Chinese people to overthrow imperialism and feudalism remained unaccomplished.
17 This global expansion has generated oddly few charges of cultural imperialism.
18 in this area economists have been long engaged in what George Stigler, in another context, has called "intellectual imperialism."
19 Roosevelt was determined to destroy imperialism.
20 These five economists illustrate both today's economic imperialism and the trend towards a mingling of theory and empirical work.
21 But North Korea's bizarre mixture of personality cult and paranoia is a harder sell: most defend it as a victim of American imperialism; only a small minority insist that it is a workers' paradise.
22 This is not imperialism.
23 The French film industry is more often given to introspective agonising about American cultural imperialism or the tyranny of the market than to self-congratulation.
24 It was a tiny incident in itself, but it gave me a better glimpse than I had had before of the real nature of imperialism - the real motives for which despotic governments act.
25 This is not to say they are reverting to old-style imperialism; both are too enfeebled for that.
26 we say "imperialism is ferocious", we mean that its nature will never change, that the imperialists will never lay down their butcher knives, that they will never become Buddhas, till their doom.
27 The first systematic critique of modern imperialism was provided by the English radical J. A. Hobson.
28 Chinese mainland has long been seen as a different market - less Westernized, and perhaps more sensitive to matters of cultural imperialism.
29 Imperialism is irretrievably on the decline.
30 Tradional viewpoint of "five characteristics" cannot reflect the intrinsic structure of Lenins imperialism theory.