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No. sentence
1 Many imperative control structures rely on destructive assignment to do iteration.
2 He prefers a hybrid approach where there are "islands of purity" in an otherwise imperative language with a clear delineation between them.
3 This is part of reform for a healthy future, and it is imperative.
4 is imperative that this connection is secure to protect the integrity and confidentiality of messages being exchanged between these components.
5 Then came the charge of poisoning my uncle to get his property, with an imperative demand that the grave should be opened.
6 drama of love that I saw played out at the bar each night as a child is all about the human hunger for safe emotional connection, a survival imperative we experience from the cradle to the grave.
7 We recognize the imperative need for this development.
8 In imperative programming languages, I must think about each atomic step in my algorithm.
9 Given that organic food has been rubbished of late, is there any reasonable health imperative to step up a level and choose biodynamic?
10 result, it's imperative to have an experienced attorney negotiate a term sheet with you.
11 It is imperative that we attack all risk factors simultaneously and manage the profile of each patient type more vigilantly.
12 Because data is so critical to the organization, making decisions about how data is stored and who can access it is imperative.
13 His ardent convictions impelled him to launch numerous projects the completion of which he regarded imperative. Anyone who dared contradict him was nothing other than impertinent in jerry's eyes.
14 Environmental photography matters, because it offers the lifeline of a bridge between our modern, denaturalised, mechanistic mores and the imperative of nature within and without.
15 China is very rich in bee resources, the development of large-scale beekeeping is imperative.
16 It is imperative that you not use incorrect data," she wrote. "it is a complex system and I will walk you through it and produce voluminous documentation."
17 Having plumbed the depths of depravity, it knows a moral imperative when it sees one.
18 It is also imperative that the public’s aesthetic taste be so enhanced and promoted that eventually build up a harmonious scene in which people can enjoy their live tranquilly and .peacefully.
19 is difficult—impossible for many of us—to resist the Darwinian imperative to gobble all up.
20 imperative, therefore, that they use whatever resources are available and so should be segregated.
21 's not that program proofs cannot be done with imperative programs, but that the number of state changes that occur make them unwieldy.
22 To achieve the country's reunification, it is imperative to take a point of view giving priority to the nation and defending the interests of the nation.
23 that the need to protect civilians was an overwhelming moral imperative.
24 If you plan to make your disks available for reuse, it is imperative that you wipe them.
25 Given the cost of rebuilding the texture atlases, it is imperative to minimize during rebuilds.
26 Kant's categorical imperative procedure, Adam Smith's impartial spectator, and Rousseau's general will are primary examples of representations of a moral point of view.
27 Many states still see history teaching, and the inculcation of foundation myths, as a strategic imperative; others see it as an exercise in teaching children to think for themselves.
28 It held that it was necessary to obstruct, thwart, restrain individual freedom, that to secure an abundance of material goods it was imperative to regiment industry and impede free competition.
29 That being said, it seems imperative that we teach students digital citizenship.
30 All my old AD hoc parsers were imperative in flavor: read some characters, make some decisions, accumulate some variables, rinse, repeat.