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immobile prey in a sentence

1. Some salamanders seem to have learned to recognize immobile prey when it has no smell, even in complete darkness.

2. this appears to be correct for predators of immobile prey, but is doubtful with mobile prey.

3. This is probably because they feed on slow or immobile prey, combined with the fact that most sunlight does not pass 9.1 meters (30 ft), and hence they do not need acute vision.

4. These blind snakes survive and thrive, relying upon scent and eating immobile prey such as seabird chicks.

5. Some species prefer struggling prey over immobile prey, but in other species, it is the other way around.

6. Ram feeding and suction feeding are on opposite sides of the feeding spectrum, where extreme ram feeding is when a predator swims over an immobile prey item with open jaws to engulf the prey.

7. These observations suggest that B. nobilis are predatory in nature but prefer easy and immobile prey.