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imitate in a sentence

1. and sprays to imitate falling snow.

2. do not imitate them."

3. artifacts that imitate the old ones.

4. never imitate."

5. Other bands imitate them."

6. Don't imitate them!

7. I tried to imitate him.

8. Some imitate the form of proverbs.

9. But we should not imitate their act.

10. to imitate orchestral instruments.

11. Both imitate the style of the 1970s.

12. It helps us imitate.

13. Do not imitate the ancients.

14. I didn't want to try to imitate Ali.

15. Don't imitate them!

16. They are impossible to imitate."

17. You couldn't imitate Herbie.

18. the wise never imitate them.

19. and to imitate bird song.

20. and I strove to imitate him.

21. Move It-Move It, Imitate the Dance).

22. and a desire to imitate them.

23. She was able to imitate other voices.

24. and I strove to imitate him.

25. Their handles imitate basketry.

26. Not trying to imitate anyone else.

27. Chimpanzees can also imitate.

28. crazy", or "imitate;

29. But we should not imitate their act.

30. I will never imitate spoony birds.