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imaginative in a sentence

1. but he lacked imaginative depth.

2. They attack unbranded imaginative space.

3. They attack unbranded imaginative space.

4. Music is not imaginative at the moment.

5. It is brilliant, deep, and imaginative.

6. that would have been more imaginative."

7. it is quite imaginative and inventive."

8. Preston isn't a very imaginative child;

9. I had wanted to draw and be imaginative.

10. Ishana (imaginative).

11. Not any imaginative explorations.

12. Imaginative Illusions Sdn.

13. Imaginative Illusions Sdn.

14. This was seen as an imaginative policy.

15. He is highly imaginative.

16. She is somewhat imaginative in nature;

17. Imaginative metaphors add to the text;

18. "Wonderfully imaginative" said Locus.

19. An imaginative, original approach."

20. Imaginative and unusually positive!"

21. More imaginative.

22. They write in imaginative ways.

23. highly imaginative;

24. Some of these were very imaginative.

25. imaginative crowd-pleaser".

26. He was called "an imaginative realist";

27. Personalized, educative and imaginative;

28. Arab portrait. Imaginative portrait.

29. It's imaginative;

30. She was an imaginative quilt maker.