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1 Three-dimensional diagram illustrating a river meander with a point bar being formed on one bank and erosion occurring on the other bank.
2 Think of Bill Clinton illustrating any point with one of his home town analogies.
3 It shows code samples illustrating the problem and also gives detailed information on avoiding, detecting, and fixing the problem.
4 This is just one of many examples illustrating how data inconsistency can occur, even when compensation frameworks are used to maintain transaction atomicity.
5 They do a great job of explaining and illustrating the principles through practical examples.
6 Because both of these problems rely on a number's factors, they are good candidates for refactoring (no pun intended) and thus for illustrating styles of code reuse.
7 He himself has logged some 450, and that was using laborious, old-fashioned techniques such as illustrating thousands of anatomical drawings by hand.
8 However, figures illustrating the value of business travel to individual ferry companies, let alone the industry as a whole, are generally hard to come by.
9 Graph illustrating curvilinear formulation, excerpted from section 2 of the course notes. (Image courtesy of OCW.)
10 An analysis of its 2007 results shows that 63% of group profit came from Asia and Latin America, illustrating its dependence on emerging markets, where the credit crunch has been less severe.
11 The key to overcoming this problem, she discovered, is to offer a five-minute video dramatization when an application is launched, illustrating exactly how it is supposed to work.
12 description of a sample scenario where cooperation between two enterprises takes place, illustrating macro interaction among the user, the involved application and enterprises.
13 A playful collection of clocks - illustrating the randomness of time - decorate a wall.
14 You're not restricted to this but you have to use one of each of those sources in order to construct this answer of illustrating the diversity of Christology's in early Christianity.
15 Little Raphael," as her sisters called her, had a decided talent for drawing, and was never so happy as when copying flowers, designing fairies, or illustrating stories with queer specimens of art.
16 This typifies the commercial capital of Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa's second largest economy, illustrating the misuse of the country's vast wealth since oil was struck over 50 years ago.
17 Though one of our nearest neighbors, Mars is still 43 million miles (69 million kilometers) from Earth, illustrating the nearly incomprehensible vastness of our solar system.
18 What's more, on beams above and along the trellised corridor were 8000 painted scenes illustrating events from Chinese literature.
19 The bra features embroideries illustrating children supporting elderly women and was created to increase awareness of the issue of serious decline in Japan's population, the company said.
20 As mentioned previously, a boxplot is a graphical method of illustrating the dispersal in our dataset.
21 Her hands started combing through my hair, hefting it, twisting it, illustrating in detail what she wanted.
22 The application used here was designed solely for illustrating different EJB 3.0 and JPA features, and not to be an example of application design best practices.
23 Inset: illustrating the stretch of the external rotators of the shoulder through internal rotation of the humerus.
24 remainder of this article focuses on three examples, each illustrating some problem I have encountered in my work.
25 Illustrating these various possibilities is beyond the scope of this article so I leave it as an exercise for you to explore on your own.
26 This view of our planet shows how Earth looks from the outside, illustrating a special perspective of our role and place in the universe.
27 example illustrating this table space state is beyond the scope of this article.
28 Therefore, I use the term business rules in illustrating the relationship between software and business in the following examples.
29 The application should not be seen as a production ready implementation, but rather a sample illustrating the use of the claim with the query table method.
30 simple post office example does a fine job of illustrating the processes that occur in a message server.