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No. sentence
1 Because diagrams can illustrate multiple views of a model, the same model element can appear in one or more diagrams.
2 I illustrate this through various artistic processes that act as both reflective and connective forces between people and the environment they inhabit.
3 To illustrate, Figure 4 shows a screen flow for a customer, showing how it interacts with the order management process.
4 She decides to use charts and diagrams to illustrate.
5 All these examples illustrate the general rule that capital, like water, tends to flow around obstacles. Try to dam its movement at one point, and slowly but remorselessly it will find its way around.
6 To illustrate this, let me tell you a bit about ice climbing.
7 allows you to illustrate and share your ideas with free drawing tools.
8 Let me illustrate the point with some very, very simple graphs.
9 Some known usages of this pattern illustrate our experience in applying this pattern.
10 Why did you choose Harry Truman to best illustrate this point?
11 Let me illustrate my point with these two fragments of program and prose.
12 The code above is, of course, nonsense, but its structure is common, so it shall serve to illustrate the point.
13 sample application used in this article series will illustrate all of these concepts.
14 To illustrate, Figure 5 shows the state of a hypothetical iterator that can move back one, two, three, or four places, but no more, because that would require accessing the previously visited leaf.
15 He quoted some old Chinese sayings to illustrate his points.
16 Let me illustrate these points with some sample code.
17 To introduce this feature we re-examine six classics published over the past half-century or so that illustrate the wide variety of books that march under the banner of business.
18 The tales illustrate the frustrations that many chemists feel for their fickle field, particularly when experiments fail to work or instead produce inconsistent results.
19 This will add some variety to the trace output to illustrate the power of the technique.
20 This probably would not be the best design for a real application, but I wanted to illustrate the use of both native menus created with tags and XUL menus created with tags.
21 It later emerged that the report had been fabricated by a youth television programme, aiming to illustrate how easy it was to disseminate false information via the media.
22 The two pie charts illustrate the student enrolment situation on the two programs of IELTS and TOEFL at two branch schools of Onlytoya College from July to December 2007.
23 Although simple, it serves well to illustrate all of the key concepts of SOA application testing.
24 Lots of code samples illustrate the concepts as he introduces them.
25 To illustrate this point about the arbitrary nature of SOAP payload data and the necessity for an agreement upon data encoding between the client and the service take the following example.
26 The second part of the closure is the closed scope, which I can best illustrate with another example.
27 Such tools encourage both text descriptions and a variety of supporting diagrams to better illustrate how the system will be used.
28 I'll employ one example application and several use cases to illustrate the technology features and techniques discussed here.
29 Your desk accessories will be bold and colourful and the desk just messy enough to illustrate that you are expertly juggling challenging projects.
30 I chose these three methods not because they are exhaustive, but to illustrate some ways in which you can optimize your program.