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1 While I can see women in large Numbers adapting to that new world order, and adopting the ideology laid out on this domain, men may have more ambivalent feelings towards it.
2 She exposes the puritanism and suffocating ideology of American feminism, which is stuck in an adolescent whining mode.
3 But in Russia the greatest source of their strength is not their ideology, their Numbers or their money.
4 The focus of the meeting, held this month, was on culture and ideology.
5 has endured through many transformations of ideology and purpose, but at its best remained faithful to a vision of disinterested pursuit and transmission of knowledge.
6 It is not appeasement; it is the new defense realism, the triumph of pragmatism over ideology.
7 The political-social philosophy centered on the freedom and liberty of hu-man beings composes the philosophical foundation of the ideology of power-arrangement by Marx and Engels.
8 But there is something much more important and even more revolting; it is the change in values imposed by this liberal ideology.
9 I called heroes, not ideology or to the powerful roost people, but only on the soul and great people.
10 These days, explicit arguments in favor of fascism and the ideology of unlimited state power are, how shall I put this, ineffective at convincing the masses.
11 At the same time, we should thoroughly spurn the negative ideology, such as the Fatality Thoughts that people can eliminate the disasters by praying in front of Buddha.
12 And they have an ideology of hate.
13 Russia may not be trying to recreate an empire—it has neither the energy, human resources or ideology for that—but it is trying to prevent the West from entering its sphere of influence.
14 If we did not paste together the dead bones and scales of ideology, if we did not sew together the rotting rags, we would be astonished how quickly the lies would be rendered helpless and subside.
15 If it is a philosophical book, then it must aim at transmitting ideology, but the fact is, I care not the correctness of the ideology but its reasonability.
16 The country is administered by faceless bureaucrats who profess adherence to a revolutionary ideology, but look out only for themselves, and no longer believe in anything.
17 If we can transcend traditional concepts of politics, security and ideology, we should be able to create unprecedented opportunities that benefit the many and not just the few.
18 Thus, by making exchanges the fundamental condition for progress, Race and History was in perfect harmony with the ideology of cooperation, whose propagation UNESCO wished to promote.
19 The way in which they accomplished this feat was by a fusion of republican ideology and Victorian ideas about manliness.
20 In fact, it has no choice: if history, by unfolding unpredictably, were allowed to demonstrate that ideology is wrong, it would deprive power of its legitimacy.
21 If the human striving for freedom is ever to be realized, a necessary first step will be promoting a sound ideology.
22 He's basically very conservative in his politics and his ideology For one reason, he wants these groups of followers of Jesus not to be disrespected by outsiders.
23 Ideology, of course, can destroy history only ideologically, but the power based on that ideology can suppress history in real ways.
24 Most important of all, we should consciously and determinedly keep pace with the times in the guiding ideology of cultural construction.
25 Hakka womens twisted spiritual characters in masculinist culture ideology are summarized on analysis of Hakka folk songs.
26 In order to appease the turbulent tribues, the chiefs propagated superstition to alter the member’s ideology and consolidate their reign.
27 He had an idea, not an ideology.
28 Then you get this ideology.
29 We are not under one ideology,' he said.
30 This is not, I assure you, only about ideology.