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No. sentence
1 President's advisers contend that they have never seen a force as cohesive, well-trained and ideologically driven.
2 also hurt by the slumping popularity of Rob Ford, the city's ideologically conservative mayor, who has cut the municipal government's spending sharply.
3 But the danger for the Republicans remains the same now as then; the pursuit of an ideologically pure conservatism will turn away moderates and independents.
4 Ideology, of course, can destroy history only ideologically, but the power based on that ideology can suppress history in real ways.
5 They remain glum about the rejection of his brother, who is closer to them ideologically, and want nothing to do with what they suspect will be another Labour defeat at the next general election.
6 Skilled analytical thinking should not be drowned out by mistaken, ideologically driven views that more is always better or less is always better.
7 While acknowledging the murderous extremity of Breivik's bubble, Kjaerstad says he has witnessed similarly ideologically blinkered thinking before.
8 This system has ensured individual liberty and a vibrant private sector, but it has now become polarised and ideologically rigid.
9 Thatcher would have seen through Bachmann's ideologically driven scientific ignorance and absurd social bigotry in a matter of moments.
10 And with Paul lacking seniority in the Republican Conference, the real test for the new senator is how he adjusts when his more ideologically driven ideas stall and it's time to start legislating.
11 His critics say they are half-hearted, too, because ideologically the prime minister sympathises with the settlers.
12 Wally McClure: Ideologically, they open up the two most popular mobile platforms to the approximately 6 million .NET developers.
13 His lacklustre attorney-general Alberto Gonzales, who was forced to resign in disgrace, was only the most visible of an army of over-promoted, ideologically vetted homunculi.
14 It is ideologically conservative and traditionalist—whereas Lincoln's Republican Party was the progressive party of its day.
15 Intellectually he is no match for Mr Brown, nor ideologically for Mr Newsom.
16 Other countries will not have to emulate China ideologically.
17 Rather than pursuing hegemonic and ideologically driven policies, the United States could provide incentives for other players to handle some of the heavy lifting.
18 Nevertheless, he went on, he does not consider Iran a threat of the “same order of magnitude” as the 1950s’ Soviet Union, even as it “ideologically and militarily challenges the Middle East order.”
19 -07 term saw a succession of conservative victories on issues large and small (the conservative block won 13 ideologically charged cases compared with just six for the liberal block).
20 They have not done so well ideologically, however, as organizationally.
21 However, such an ideologically charged debate is the exception rather than the rule.
22 Dividing the world ideologically again seems a step backwards to some.
23 He needs to ensure a smooth transfer of power from an incumbent who is ideologically and temperamentally his polar opposite.
24 Ideologically, Fine Gael is moderately centre-right, while the Labour Party is firmly on the left.
25 Yet ideologically Mr Mottaki differed little from Iran’s arch-conservative and xenophobic president.
26 That won't change the ideas of a Osama bin Laden who are very ideologically fixed on trying to strike at the West, but it will change the pool of young people who they can recruit from.
27 PARIS - Some are divorced and disenchanted with marriage; others are young couples ideologically opposed to marriage, but eager to lighten their tax burdens.
28 Brand colors were sublimated into the lines, which entangle the area, like threads, changing the material of the surfaces, uniting ideologically all PUBLICIS GROUPE brands in one space.
29 In any case, sharp changes are unlikely in a government so ideologically blinkered, diplomatically inept and administratively opaque as Iran's.
30 The Party is a strong core of leadership that is consolidated ideologically, politically and organizationally and always stands in the forefront of the times leading the people forward in solidarity.