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ideological in a sentence

121. This was involved in the ideological Sino–Soviet split.

122. "Each side is putting forward only ideological purists."

123. Disability is both cultural and ideological in creation.

124. The Montagnards put the debate on the ideological level.

125. supervising the ideological content of the military press;

126. Some soldiers also deserted from ideological motivations.

127. each ideological stance perpetuated the Sino-Soviet split.

128. It has been also criticised as an ideological construct.

129. There were important ideological and political exchanges.

130. Ideological work lagged and lacked depth and consistency;

131. He published a number of scientific and ideological works.

132. otherwise it simply would not be an ideological process.

133. Ethnic parties may take different ideological positions.

134. Regulation was a practical rather than ideological affair.

135. There were disputes over ideological issues and finances.

136. Ideological balance? A couple of left-of-center moderates.

137. Its ideological stance became less clear and consistent.

138. Ryn thus warned of the dangers of ideological imperialism.

139. PEJ is non-partisan, non-ideological, and non-political.

140. Last, there is the ideological disposition of a country;

141. this became in part the ideological basis of the Purges.

142. It contained ideological topics and political commentary.

143. Ideological campaigns sought to change people's thinking.

144. The encounters led to ideological and political debates.

145. China once had great ideological resources in this field;

146. It featured a Catalan regionalist ideological leadership.

147. A true festival of kitsch also on an ideological level".

148. disinterest in political games and ideological disputes;

149. The war was a struggle between two ideological factions;

150. For ideological reasons, the centre refuses to pay taxes.