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ideological in a sentence

61. as he said, he had to create an "ideological army".

62. and (2) the morally ideological nature of rhetoric.

63. This resulted in ideological and personal conflict.

64. Ideological foundation of his reforms was liberal.

65. Each camp showed a high level of ideological unity.

66. History is written from an ideological perspective.

67. The rebellion was not ideological in its origins.

68. There is no ideological requirement for attendance;

69. Many ideological fault lines have played out here.

70. The rebellion was not ideological in its origins.

71. The Red Blok is the ideological nemesis of the UNA.

72. The site would be non-ideological and non-partisan.

73. Each seeking to assert its own ideological model.

74. SPB follows a Marxist-Leninist ideological line.

75. FAC is nonpartisan and politically non-ideological.

76. He says two ideological questions were important.

77. Nebolsina is a vegetarian for ideological reasons.

78. They are constantly beating an ideological drum.

79. This ideological background haunted his later life.

80. The schools were criticized for ideological errors.

81. The differences were both ideological and tactical.

82. In 1923 the battalion split on ideological grounds;

83. the magazine was apolitical and non-ideological.

84. She left the University due to ideological issues.

85. whereas poor Ishmael is an ideological mouthpiece."

86. This resulted in a subsequent ideological divide;

87. Kumarji refused the offer on ideological grounds.

88. Instead of solids — ideological evaporations.

89. The basis of this was ideological diasgreement.

90. Zizek's ideological theory consists of two parts.