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1 University instructors are the immediate personnels in the management of students and the backbones in the ideological work.
2 A man previously known "for moving nimbly through the terrain of ideological ambiguity" has in recent months swerved more decisively in the direction of state-socialism and a lifetime presidency.
3 Considering the history of the GNU Project, it should be no surprise that one can find ideological purists in the ranks of FOSS users (some who would doubtlessly object to my use of the term "FOSS").
4 The Dutch Military Academy, which he entered at 17, introduced him to European colonialism, Indonesian nationalism and, eventually, to the global ideological split between right and left.
5 Too many people in Washington were fixated on proving an ideological point: that America's values were universal and would be digested effortlessly by people a world away.
6 even Britain's long-standing ideological attachment to a free market for corporate control might be sorely tested by a takeover of its biggest and most global company.
7 falling-out was personal and ideological. His face had now been airbrushed out of the photographs in which he smiled as Fidel's friend.
8 Thus it is still an important task for Hunan ideological and cultural circles to continually emancipate thought, accelerate opening up and abolish the thought of "valuing official titles".
9 Following ideological criticism, the players were then allegedly forced to blame the coach for their defeats.
10 Now the two countries are once again occupying similar ideological terrain.
11 But his real influence was ideological. He was a tireless advocate of supply-side economics: the man who persuaded Ronald Reagan to abandon deficit-hawk Republicanism in favour of aggressive tax cuts.
12 Along with the films came the posters and with their arrival a new front was opened up in the ideological war with the West: poster design.
13 Whether and by how much the government should intervene in the economy in order to create jobs is the subject of an intense ideological battle between the parties in the election.
14 This outcome reflects the life goal of Kong Shang-ren's later years by the ideological transformation of Confucianism to Taoism.
15 For many years and in many countries, the ideological hegemony of modernism was unchallenged and the desirable consequences of modernization through modernism unquestioned.
16 Facing these independent voices, the old ideological machine starts to crumble.
17 of psychology in the ideological study in the hospital is studied. The "xingxiangyizhi" principle is used to make the stuffs love their job.
18 Network scours out 21st century a new world as tempest, and brings both opportunity and challenge for ideological education in institutions of higher education.
19 insistence on ideological purity may explain why the fortunes of the party have disappointed of late.
20 Environmentalists did harm by being ignorant and ideological and unwilling to change their mind based on actual evidence. As a result we have done harm and I regret it.
21 Such a rich knowledge, taste, beauty and rich ideological work makes me Thoughts thronged one's mind.
22 But rather than listen to you and put folks back to work, Republicans in the House spent the past couple days picking partisan ideological fights.
23 Moreover, the spy game that the two superpowers have played for years, which was so breathtakingly described by Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy, and John le Carré, has outlived its ideological value.
24 They argue that the recommendations in the declaration are too vague, and seek to impose unwarranted ideological constraints on areas of research that could have important medical and social benefits.
25 This paper thinks the ideological style is the foundation of partys style, we must put the partys ideology and style building in the first place of partys style building.
26 problems in the partys ideological, political and organizational line and working style weakened the partys fighting capacity, and thus led to the loss of its leadership as the ruling party.
27 Fox took the lead in featuring commentators with a particular ideological perspective; meanwhile, MSNBC has realigned its commentators so they have a mostly liberal world view.
28 That kind of lost in the eyes of an ordinary life, familiar with the insipid, ideological content to mediocrity, status quo of people on the life, is really extraordinary.
29 Each cameramen to each image, the phenomenon, the feeling is not same, ideological cultivation, esthetics psychology, artistic pursue and so on also frequently greatly different its interest.
30 's not at all the point that a broad, ideological view of Richard II was any different from what Wilson said; that was perfectly true. Bolingbroke was considered a usurper.