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No. sentence
1 He is identical in character with his wife.
2 You should recognize the first part of the rule extension, because it is almost identical to the category extension previously shown.
3 Allure and Oasis are identical in many ways.
4 ragged guitar riff still dominates, only now the song has a backbeat that's nearly identical to that of Amnesiac's "I Might be Wrong."
5 The sky in the exposures was de-rotated to compensate for the rotation of Earth, then images were stacked together producing an image identical to a single exposure but with less digital noise.
6 gastric chemical soup will be an almost identical mixture of sugars, fats, proteins and fragments of assorted genes whether the milk we drank was conventional or gm.
7 These small devices are coated with clusters of identical DNA molecules, called probes, within separate areas.
8 While not exceptional, our life is not identical to anybody else.
9 the other hand, if we have a perfect covalence bond, we have identical equal sharing.
10 Because they have comparatively large markets with absolutely identical hardware, they tend to reward and encourage development of code that's very precisely tuned to the hardware.
11 This image, so nearly identical with the living Pearl, seemed to communicate somewhat of its own shadowy and intangible quality to the child herself.
12 In the absence of a style sheet, the sentences appear identical in the browser, but only the second sentence provides information on why.
13 You'll get a compilation error on the second method because the two methods will have an identical signature after type erasure.
14 Right beside his appeal was another flier with the same request, word-for-word identical in every way, right down to the typeface.
15 These steps were virtually identical to the steps you followed to create the products controller and views.
16 Because you use verbose mode in both portions of the command, you can confirm whether the size of the archive created and extracted is identical.
17 Goods coming from Mexico are painstakingly unloaded from Mexican lorries so that they can complete their journey in identical lorries driven by Americans.
18 In most depictions of the activity, the practitioner envisions an endless series of identical white sheep jumping over a fence, while counting them as they do so.
19 Using asynchronous replicas is an alternative that avoids some of the performance overhead of synchronous replicas, but they are not guaranteed to be identical to the primary at all times.
20 We will snapshot the old servers, boot up identical copies and mount the snapshots and configure the servers identically to the environment you cloned from.
21 Only new bonds issued by euro-zone states after 2013, which will all carry identical new “collective action clauses” (CACs), would be at risk of having the bonds restructured.
22 That said, new exchanges are free to introduce contracts that are similar, but not identical, to existing ones-as ICE did so successfully with oil futures.
23 This is the Mojave yucca (yucca schidigera), a plant that clones itself by sending out underground rhizomes that sprout into genetically identical stalks.
24 For the first time in human history we are raising and educating boys and girls in identical ways, teaching them that they are the same and that each is as capable as the other.
25 It's identical in every roadside diner across the States, a Platonic ideal that need never be messed with.
26 The bridal party that is not uniformed or identical is another returning trend this season.
27 From the blastema come skin, muscle, bone, blood vessels and neurons, ultimately growing into a limb virtually identical to the old one.
28 fully tested change will therefore be shown as a green bar beneath the axis of identical height to the changes shown above.
29 In this case, if you compare the identity of the returned objects, you will find that they are not identical.
30 Unless you're using the default "galactic zoom" desktop background, which has had a facelift, a freshly booted Mac running Snow Leopard will look identical to one running Leopard.