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ideas in a sentence

121. Its ideas became widespread.

122. She was just full of ideas."

123. when segueing between ideas.

124. developed the ideas further.

125. Ideas last longer than men."

126. Providing analysis of ideas;

127. Mithridates had other ideas.

128. They've got some good ideas.

129. Those conclusions are ideas.

130. The two ideas were combined.

131. and various ideas about art.

132. These ideas combine to give.

133. Mallory has different ideas.

134. Essentially, a war of ideas.

135. Complex ideas became simple.

136. The world needs fresh ideas.

137. examine and challenge ideas;

138. Diez Ideas Para Puerto Rico.

139. "The Power of Ideas" on PBS;

140. in terms of sound and ideas.

141. Guizot rejected these ideas.

142. He has some splendid ideas."

143. the ideas come out of books.

144. Part 3 Return: Sorting Ideas

145. His son Don has other ideas.

146. Its ideas became widespread.

147. New ideas circulate quickly.

148. their ideas were solidified.

149. Mr Daniels oozed with ideas.

150. Theseare my personal ideas.