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ideas in a sentence

91. It can introduce new ideas.

92. Cale had some wacky ideas.

93. (2) We perceive only ideas.

94. He had lots of weird ideas.

95. Let us discard such ideas.

96. Ideas crystallized rapidly.

97. Those old ideas fell aside.

98. · A variety of ideas.

99. Genda warmed to his ideas.

100. Such ideas merit attention.

101. "We train and share ideas."

102. The clone has other ideas.

103. But he also had two ideas.

104. Our ideas didn't get beat;

105. Nyuk Tsin has other ideas.

106. I means, I gots an ideas."

107. Cale had some wacky ideas.

108. Those were new ideas then.

109. This gave investors ideas;

110. We had our different ideas.

111. The ideas of the Love &

112. Two very different ideas."

113. and working on other ideas.

114. To the space of pure ideas.

115. "We've been sending ideas.

116. History of Economic Ideas;

117. They had in mind two ideas.

118. Do you have any more ideas?

119. Smash all of those ideas.

120. It latches on to new ideas.