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ideas in a sentence

61. "No ideas but in things."

62. early ideas on evolution;

63. Ideas were his plaything.

64. Ideas carry out concepts.

65. · Ideas Improvable.

66. His ideas were ridiculed.

67. Yet the ideas are fresh.

68. Chapman had other ideas.

69. He had some great ideas.

70. We just talk about ideas.

71. Ideas counted for more.

72. They rejected his ideas.

73. But fate has other ideas.

74. Ideas in Social Studies;

75. By sheer force of ideas".

76. fresh ideas to the club.

77. Similar ideas are older.

78. But fate had other ideas.

79. It is based on two ideas.

80. And this for your ideas!

81. You are not trying ideas.

82. kitty party theme ideas.

83. but they had other ideas.

84. We have some good ideas.

85. But she had other ideas.

86. Qianlong had other ideas.

87. It has phenomenal ideas.

88. Many ideas are discussed.

89. More ideas are available.

90. III). Prohibit bad ideas.