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No. sentence
1 His ideas and mine jump together on this issue.
2 Let me represent my ideas to you in another way.
3 These ideas have been forming in my mind.
4 If you would like to submit ideas, watch some of the modules, or just learn more, please visit the BLOSSOMS website.
5 She feels boxed in at the fatiguing work and wishes greater freedom to develop her ideas.
6 Anyone can comment on these ideas or, even better, help with the implementation.
7 Good testing ideas migrate easily within Eng prod giving all testers, no matter their product ties, access to the best technology within the company.
8 Other ideas include building a detector to see if the spin of an atomic nucleus can be measured, or using the technique as an ultrasensitive antenna.
9 writer managed to distil his ideas into one succinct article.
10 Because every time I meet people and talk about this we continue to get great ideas for the story So, thank you very much for your attention How many gamers are there in the audience?
11 The report highlights many such examples of strategies, ideas and actions that have led to improvement and may help others to meet the commitment for all schools to be sustainable schools by 2020.
12 While they can hardly be called secrets, for some reason people either do not understand or they underestimate the power of these ideas.
13 More often that not, Chris will take you up on one or two of your ideas, or the offer may prompt him to come up with something different entirely.
14 Wu began assembling a security consultancy and experimenting with fuzzing ideas he'd first had as a student at Fudan University years before.
15 This is a media summit, a contest of ideas, and my thoughts should be taken in the spirit of that contest.
16 We have patents and new ideas,” he says, “but the thing you have to get right is cutting emissions.
17 It reduces subtle ideas to bullet points, while it encourages you to pad out a presentation with irrelevant data because cutting and pasting is far too easy.
18 His ideas have broadened out.
19 These new ideas are penetrating into the minds of the younger generation.
20 Correct ideas are not innate in the mind, but come from social practice.
21 The public went for his ideas.
22 Young people are quickly influenced by new ideas.
23 He didn't communicate his ideas well in his speech.
24 It is not always easy to put one's ideas into words.
25 Outdated ideas should be rooted out.
26 What I dread is to get into a rut. One yearns for freshness of thought and ideas.
27 It is easy to instill the minds of young children with fixed ideas.
28 His head swam with various strange ideas.
29 The brain is the ultimate fountain of ideas.
30 Tom hijacked Daniel's ideas and made up a plan and handed up to the board of directors.